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They had known each other for less than 3 months before Phil proposed and then a year later, they got married.

She felt like Cinderella on her wedding day.

They had a big fancy wedding and then Phil was an animal on their wedding night making her cum more than a few times. Antonia savatto s bio and free webcam.

However, it was also the last time that he had really paid any attention to her.

Sex afterwards was infrequent and frankly lackluster as far as she was concerned.

Sheila was a woman with curves in all the right places.

She was in her late twenties with shoulder length blond hair, full glistening ruby red lips and light blue eyes.

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Phil was a few years older, about six feet tall with broad shoulders and was pleasing to the eye.

They met at a law firm party when Sheila went with a her friend who worked there.

Sheila was smart, attractive and funny but she was also dirt poor.

She was working as a receptionist when she met Phil and he swept her off her feet with his apparent charm, good looks and his money. Klavte sex.

It didn’t take her long to figure out that Phil married her to be his trophy wife to make partner at the law firm.

Sheila loved sex and money but Phil loved money and more importantly power and control.

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At least they had money in common, she reflected upon as they were riding up in the elevator. Chloeeee chat sex italia.

Sheila loved all the things that Phil’s money could buy, the cars, the vacations, the nice clothes and the parties.

Her friends admired her and told her how lucky she was.

However, inside she was lost, she realized she made the wrong choice in marrying Phil and that love and passionate sex were important too.

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