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Karen always wound up covered in sweat with cum gushing from her always inviting pussy.

In all the years that I had left her naked in the park, she was caught only once.

I have offered to let some young men know where and when I would be leaving her naked, but that was against the rules. Sexsmells besplatni video chat porno.

She was so hot and sexy when I saw her that we spent the rest of the night making love in the moonlight.

It was now four months since Karen’s first annual birthday party and weekend gang bang which took place on Friday, December 2, 2016.

We got a room in a hotel in a neighboring town and had a nice dinner, then scoped out the bar.

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It was like every other hotel bar that you see, large and dimly lit, just perfect for Karen to seduce a group of young black studs.

We retired to our room where Karen stripped naked, and we made love.

She freshened up and got dressed for the night’s game. Akisss22 webcam.

Karen dressed in her high-heeled boots.

She covered up with the sheer short coverup that she always wears.

It was just inches below her pussy.

If she bent over to pick up something or raised her arms, her pussy and ass were exposed.

Karen added a short, but slightly longer terry robe for the walk to the bar. Homemade hidden cam sex.

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It was now almost eleven, and we got on the elevator.

Karen let the terry robe open, and I could see how sexy she looked in her sheer cover-up.

It’s like she was naked.

The elevator doors opened on the next floor and in walked six very large and good looking young black men. Exoticasquirt porno vidro.

Karen and I moved to the rear of the elevator.

As the guys took their time entering the elevator, I whispered to her that if she played her cards right, we might not need to go to the bar.

Karen removed her robe and started a conversation with the men.

She let her sheer cover-up fall open for all to see her soft naked body and her large breasts.

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Karen told them about the game, and that she was ready to party with all of us.

She told the young men that she was not cheap, and they would have to deposit a full load of cum deep inside her as payment.

They laughed and commented that they could afford that sum. Mistress fuck man.

As they started groping Karen, the sheer cover-up slid off her shoulders, and she stood naked, surrounded by the six young studs.

Karen then told us that since there were just the seven of us, she would allow each of us to fuck her twice.

They suggested that they had a suite and it had much more room so she would be more comfortable there.

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I commented to Karen that it might not be a clever idea.

We knew what was waiting for her back at our room but did not know if there were other men back at their suite.

Well, that was when her bullheadedness and competitive side kicked in.

She was going to prove me wrong, and we were going to their place. Chica_bella wet webcam.

She handed me her two robes and let the men continued groping her naked body.

When the elevator doors opened on their floor, two of the men picked Karen up and carried her to their room.

Her legs were spread wide so anyone who saw her would get a full view of her pussy and large breasts.

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When we got to their room, the door was open.

They carried Karen in and stood her up on a table in the middle of the room.

There were at least a dozen younger men in the room who quickly surrounded her.

She then raised her arms and slowly turned around, showing all that she had to offer. Big boob webcam tubes.

I had told her that this was a bad idea when she agreed to go to their room.

Karen took that as a challenge, and she would not back down.

She looked at me and commented that she was committed to doing it and anyway, it was too late to back out now.

Karen told everyone in the room that since there were over twice as many men as she had agreed to fuck, that everyone could fuck her only once.

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She knew that she would leave with a very sore pussy.

One of the men told Karen and I that the hospitality room was for their fraternity and they were in town for Sunday's football game.

We now knew that there would probably be even more men coming later in the night and it would be a very long, cum-filled night for her. Sweet_sexy37 free webcamsex.

The men escorted us into the bedroom where Karen lay on the bed and spread her legs wide.

She was so hot now that her pussy was dripping and ready for the first guy.

She asked who wanted to fuck her first as the guys pulled out their massive dicks and lined up to fuck her.

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The first guy in line mounted her and quickly rammed his dick in her to the hilt.

Karen did not expect this to happen so soon.

We could see by the expression on her face that this was painful for her at first, but it soon became enjoyable.

After a while, he dove deep and deposited the first of many full loads of cum deep inside her womb. Inian free sex chat.

As he pulled out, we could see his cum trickling from her pussy.

The next young man mounted Karen and pounded her pussy until he also came.

As he pulled out of her, his cum now gushed from her pussy.

She lay in a small pool of cum that was forming under her.

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After the eighth guy fucked her, Karen told everyone that she needed to use the restroom but would return to continue the gangbang.

She got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom.

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