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I then look over to where Monica had been cuddled into you when we fell asleep, however, she was no longer there.

Feeling you wiggle closer, I take you into my arms and kiss your beautiful lips.

I get up and pack all the items we no longer need into the trunk of my BMW. Chocolate sex cake.

Since its a beautiful day, I lower the top.

I kiss you deeply.

As I go to open the door for you, Monica, in her Honda, pulls back into the space next to us.

She was wearing a pale yellow, see though sundress with a g-string and a top, barely covering her nipples.

"Sorry Sir, Ma’am," she says as she gets out of the car, grabbing a bag.

"I wanted to surprise you with breakfast. Instant netflix nudity sex.

I take the bag from Monica as she reaches back in her car and picks up a tray of drinks.

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We all then head to the nearby picnic table.

After we finish breakfast, we thank Monica, then head back to the cars.

We ask Monica to join us for the day, so she quickly checks to make sure her car is locked, as I unlock mine. Hot sex hidden camera.

Walking around, I open the door for you and Monica.

She climbs through into the back seat and then you get in the front, next to me.

Before walking back around I reach over, opening the glove compartment and take a brown bag out.

"Daddy what is in the bag?" you inquire.

"Baby, it the toys I promised I would get.

" I look at you and kiss you lips as you smile.

"Ahhh," Monica says with a smile. Alliahforyou wechat camera sex video.

I pull out of the parking lot and head to the highway.

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Once there you open the bag, pulling out a big black rubber dildo, three clasps with chain connecting them, a strap on, and an anal plug.

I ask if you like them, and you jump out of the seat with glee and into my lap causing me to swerve all over the highway. Sex broadcast cams.

I pull to the side of the road, holding you tight and kissing you.

Once I calmed you and hasve you back in your seat, I pull back out onto the road.

You moved slowly into the back to show Monica your new toys.

You pull out the anal plug and start to lick and suck it as you look at Monica. Girls vershire vermont wanting to be fucked.

I look in the rearview mirror as you suck on the anal plug with the wind blowing your hair all over.

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Monica leans into you and licks it with you, kissing and licking the plug.

I put my hand to my cock, starting to stroke it through my shorts as the two of you enjoy licking and sucking the plug. Chris pratt jennifer lawrence sex.

A big black F350 truck with two people in the cab and a guy in a cowboy hat on the driver side door, pull along side.

The driver is in his late twenties and he looks down at the two of you in the back seat.

He gets his speed dialed to mine.

I see you looking at him as you suck on the butt plug, you tell Monica to move onto all fours in the back seat, then slap her fine round ass. Boys fuck spread girl.

Smiling at the guy in the truck, you move the sundress aside revealing Monica's ass up to her waist.

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Removing her panties, you then slide the plug into her ass.

Moving the plug in deeper as you stare at the guy.

Leaning forward, kissing and licking Monica's plug filled ass. Ruskii sexvideo chat.

You undress your self and squeeze your breasts in your hands and lick at them while looking at the guy.

I watch you enjoying teasing the guy in the rear view mirror.

Monica is still bent over with the plug in her ass, as you grab the monster out and beginning to lick it, keeping your eyes on the guy in the truck. Legalporno amirah adara.

Taking the monster you push it deep into Monica's pussy, slapping her fine ass as you move it in and out.

Moving it faster, you lean down and lick her pussy as you pump the monster deep.

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The guy in the truck is enjoying the view it seems, since he is jacking off to the two of you playing. Chat sex viet attractive man for older fun woman.

I watch as you enjoy teasing him with the black monster in Monica's pussy.

Then you take the plug out of Monica's ass and put it in her mouth.

I watch as you pull out the strap-on and put it on with one hand and with the other hand, you keep fucking her pussy with the monster. Kerala webcam girls videos.

I look at the guy and read his lips "OMG, WOW.

" I look back seeing you with the strap on pushing it into Monica's ass, all while slamming the monster in and out deep into her pussy.

You take the butt plug out of Monica's mouth and toss it to the guy in the truck, smiling as you blow him a kiss.

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The guy in the truck smiles back and you see him turn, hitting his mate to wake him up.

You watch on, seeing him point to you, say something and his mate his nod.

They pull to the side of the road and change places.

I see them stop, so I slow down.

You grab her hair, as you continue thrusting the strap on deep into her ass. Chat room sex china.

You pound her pussy hard and fast with the monster.

Fucking her deep as you pull her back against you.

I look back and see the truck pulling back along side and the guy standing on the sidestep.

Unsure what he is planning, I slow down, we match our speed as the truck moves closer until the vehicles are almost touching. Young webcam anal.

I see the guy then jump into the backseat of our car.

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You and Monica pause momentarily in shock as he lands bedside you.

You then continue thrusting, as you laugh out aloud and slap Monica hard on her ass.

He rips off his clothes and moves in front of Monica and she takes his cock into her mouth. Baltimore maryland having sex with woman.

Licking and sucking, taking him deep into her throat as she squeezes his balls.

He continues to thrust his cock in her mouth and reaches over to caress your breasts, pinching and twisting your nipples.

After about a two miles, I pull off onto a dirt road and park the car. Perverted japanese son fucking.

I then climb in back with all of you and take my shorts off.

I get behind you as you pound Monica's ass with the strap-on.

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I grab your waist and start to pound your ass hard and deep, slapping your ass as you slap Monica's.

I pump you deep and hard, forcing you deep into Monica and he forces her back against you with each stroke.

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