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Mistress moved her hand over the mushroom shape of my cock head.

She tried to coax the precum from within as the last ten strikes were administered.

They removed their hands from my cock and balls.

My arse was stinging quite a bit more and much warmer than before. Chatting sex not register.

They rubbed ice cubes over my arse cheeks, before they administered the last twenty strikes with a crop.

My cock was still limp, no precum either.

"Before we begin, start playing with his balls Tracy.

" "Yes Mistress.

" Tracy fondled my balls as Mistress placed her hand on my limp cock. Cindycraw bokep webcam 2019.

They took their crops, gently rubbed my arse cheeks for a minute.

Then, on Mistresses command they smacked my arse much harder than before.

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I held back from saying anything, though it was hard to do.

Between strikes, they gently rubbed their crops over my arse cheeks. Free country online sex cams.

Tracy was squeezing my balls as Mistress slid her hand around my still limp cock.

The striking of the crops on my arse were harder than the paddles.

With ten strikes left, I felt my cock getting bigger, Mistress now wrapped her hand around my shaft, slowly stroking its semi erect length. Webcam facefuck.

I tried thinking of something else so my cock would not become erect.

On the last strike of the crops, my cock became fully erect with precum covering the head.

I thought for sure that Mistress would be infuriated with me.

I lowered my head as they rubbed ice on my arse cheeks, then gently rubbed their hands until the stinging sensation was gone.

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When they finished, Mistress told Tracy to uncuff me and bring me to the bed.

I was told to lie on my back spread eagled with arms stretched out to either side.

They tied my arms and legs to the bed posts with the ropes.

Looking up, I watched our reflections in the mirror above the bed. Bisexual latinas porn mmf bisexual latino threesomes.

You did very well Eric, now you will have your reward.

Mistress straddled my face.

Tracy was sucking my balls, swirling her tongue over them at the same time.

Her hand was rubbing the head of my cock as Mistress licked my shaft.

Mistress pressed her sopping wet pussy onto my mouth. Senior sexfree private teen sex chat.

My tongue licked her swollen pussy lips, then her clit.

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I felt Tracy licking up my rigid shaft as Mistress sucked on the head.

My tongue snaked its way past her swollen lips and into her wetness.

Just as mistress was about to cum, she moved off of me and told Tracy to straddle my face. Erotic sex scenes indian girls.

Mistress then straddled my cock, in one quick move she had my cock buried deep in her pussy.

Tracy rubbed her wet slit over my face as Mistress licked her nipples.

Tracy was pinching then twisting Mistresses nipples as my tongue found Tracy’s G – spot.

Mistress would rise up so that just the head of my cock stayed in her pussy, then push down hard. Sexlady in localy.

Tracy was flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar as she bit Mistresses nipples.

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Mistress quickened the pace as her pussy squeezed my cock.

Tracy rubbed her pussy on my mouth faster.

Suddenly the two of them screamed out that they were coming.

The warm cream from my cock filled Mistress as her pussy gave one final squeeze. Lilu01 webcam strip danc sex.

They held each other while kissing and caressing one another’s body.

Moving off my face and cock, Mistress told Tracy to suck my cream from her pussy.

When Tracy had done so, she kissed Mistress.

They both moaned out as they shared the combined love juices. Prince tristan sex.

After resting a while, they untied me.

Mistress lay on one side of me and Tracy the other.

The three of us lay there looking at our reflection in the mirror.

Time to clean up as there is more training to do.

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As Mistress took our hands leading us to the large walk in shower. Sexy russian brunette.

The above story is a work of fiction.

The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy.

Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. Busty webcam masturbation.

No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

I kneel at the end of the bed, my knees cold against the hardwood floor. Asiansexstar2 big tits webcam.

My head is hung low and my breathing is steady.

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In and out, I breathe, in and out.

Footsteps echo down the hall and my patient heart skips a beat.

Excitement overcomes me but I push it away for later.

For him, I am patient.

For him, I am calm.

The door squeaks with that familiar sound and I take a deep breath. Katie cassidy porno.

Hello my love, his words echo in my ear like the sound of angels singing.

I smile faintly, waiting for him to approach me, which he does immediately.

Look up at me, he demands, though his voice is calm.

I raise my head and lift my eyes to meet his and I am overjoyed. Live cam sex hijab.

How was your day? he asks me, running his finger along my chin.

It was very good Sir, I answer him eagerly, wanting to tell him of all I did.

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Our time to talk will come.

I must remain patient.

For him, I am patient.

For him, I am calm.

I watch his eyes run over my naked body and I tingle where they trial. Sex and the city one.

His touch, his look, his love, he is everything that I crave.

For him, I live.

He brings his self down to his knees and trails his mouth along my neck.

You smell amazing, he smells my skin before kissing below my ear.

He pulls me into him, kissing me, feeling me, laying me upon the ground. Live webcam sex.

For him, I live.

He lives, for me.

He leads, I follow.

Together, we venture forward.

His hand on me.

Myself beneath him.

I am sheltered.

I am his.

I am completely free.

I was running a property management course for prospective landlords at a hotel recently.

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Sitting in the front row were three very pretty girls, about twenty-five to thirty years-old.

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