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Rene and Serge had both given a lot of advice to Jack on what to do with the Chateaux.

Jack had suggested a Champagne called Chateaux Gordon to be the name of the Champagne that they could produce from the vineyards they owned.

Jack had also spent time at the office of Europe Car Hire. Sex with an old babe stories.

He soon realised this was a very big company.

Ruth had told him that her grandfather had invested in Mercedes and Volkswagen after the war.

They were major shareholders in both companies.

When Volkswagen had set up Europe Car Hire, her grandfather had financed it. Tricked into fucking white guy.

It was now the biggest Car Hire Company in Europe.

Pat and Jean had got into their own routine.

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They were in the Master Bedroom two or three times a week.

A Mercedes E Class estate had arrived the morning after Jean had asked for it.

Pat and Jean were spending a lot of time going around the Antique markets and shops. Korean webcams.

They had both bought a lot of smaller items.

As they approached Serge’s restaurant Ruth said, Jack tomorrow I would like to go back to Glasgow.

It is now forty days since my last period.

I feel so good, I think I am pregnant.

I won’t drink anything but water tonight. Sext with girls online.

I have tried to book a flight but there is a global conference on in Barcelona and all our planes are busy.

Jack replied, There is no problem, if we can’t get a plane I will drive you.

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Ruth, I really hope you are pregnant.

That would be wonderful.

Ruth answered, I did not know this but Gordan Air keep a plane for me, their very latest. Shantianna37 webcam sex.

They have a booking for it for tomorrow morning from Andy Roberts, who works for the BBC is on standby for a plane from Nice.

They will give him the flight but he must share from Reims to London with us.

We will have to be at the airport at ten thirty.

Jack replied, Will we fly to Glasgow after we drop him off in London? Web cam sexcy. Ruth answered, Yes but we will land at the City Airport as I want to get you some shirts for your new suits.

I also want to buy you some shoes.

We will have an hours shopping then fly to Glasgow.

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I have an appointment with my gynecologist at four so we have plenty of time. Sex cameras online.

Jack replied, I have enjoyed the time we have had in France.

I have learned a lot.

I think we should spend time here again soon.

The Chateaux is a beautiful place to live, you relax so easily there.

Ruth answered, I feel the same.

I have also really enjoyed our time there. Home webcam girls.

We will be back soon.

If we have a lot of work during the week then we can fly over for the weekend.

Jean said, "That is wonderful news.

I am so happy for the two of you.

Pat replied, "It is super.

I will be a great babysitter.

I want to celebrate this tonight. Free videochat sexy.

They arrived at Serge’s.

Ruth only drank mineral water and she drove home as Jack and the girls had three bottles of Champagne.

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Serge and Rene were sorry to see them go but Ruth said we would be back soon.

The got back to the Chateaux then went straight to bed. Exotique bisexual webcam.

Ninety minutes later they fell asleep.

Next morning Colette made them their fry up breakfast.

Colette was also sorry to see them go as she had helped Ruth a lot with the cooking.

They left the Chateaux and arrived at the airport at ten minutes past ten.

They had no baggage and went through the customs control then sat in the waiting room at Gordon Air. Xxx sex live streaming.

Their jet arrived and they were taken to it.

The stewardess introduced them to Andy Roberts, who was not as tall as he appeared on television.

Andy said, Thank you for letting me use this wonderful plane, it is by far the best plane I have ever flown in.

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Ruth replied, I think we were both lucky as the company is so busy with this conference in Barcelona.

I believe this morning this plane flew Prince Albert from London to Nice.

It was then able to fly you to London via Reims.

Years ago my father had said when I was travelling the newest jet must be available for me. Www xnxxx com sex girls live chat free.

So this is how we are in the same plane.

Andy answered, That is a wonderful story.

I use Gordon Air a lot but the planes I use are much smaller.

I love the new menu you have introduced and the Champagne is the best I have tasted.

Can you tell me about the Champagne as I have a couple of publishing companies that have Wine Clubs. Sexy and image.

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I would be very interested in stocking this Champagne.

Jack replied, We are very lucky to have this Champagne and we have a contact to buy the total production each year.

We also own substantial vineyards in Champagne and are at the moment researching the possibility of creating our own Champagne House. Young girl fucks lost virgin.

Andy answered, That is good as I would be very interested in stocking this.

He then took a business card from his wallet which he gave to Jack.

He asked Jack if he had a business card.

Jack said no he did not have one but would email him his contact details. Aletta ocean masturbates naked fuckbook 2018.

Soon they arrived at London City Airport.

Ruth had arranged for a car and driver.

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She offered Andy a lift.

Andy asked where they were going to.

Ruth said, Jermyn Street.

Andy accepted the lift.

They dropped him off at the Ritz then Ruth and Jack went shopping. Gwyneth paltrow sex.

They went to Trickers then Turnball and Asser.

Two hours later they were back in the jet.

They arrived in Glasgow then went to the tailor on the way home.

Every one of the suits fitted like a glove.

Ruth paid him cash then they went to the Penthouse.

They showered together. Film cleopatra sex.

They made love in the shower.

Then they washed each other.

They dried each other then Jack drove Ruth to the gynecologist.

Jack waited in the car.

He was thinking that he hoped Ruth was pregnant.

Over the last few weeks they had spent hours in each others company.

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There was a mutual attraction between them.

They got on so well together.

Jack did not see Ruth as an older woman but as a very attractive woman.

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