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I see the back of your toned upper legs become more visible as your skirt rides up your legs to accommodate your supple bend.

I trace your tight, sexy butt stretching the tweed pencil skirt to its limit.

I need to adjust the bulge in my jeans to accommodate a wayward thought of standing right against you, my belt and jeans buttons undone and your skirt raised two inches more. Hotmystery asian online websex.

You flash me a smile as you walk past me, twirling at a strand of your hair.

You see my hand slip into my jeans pocket.

Your footfalls echo through the room as you approach the rear bookcase wall.

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I think my heartbeat does as well, while I watch your figure stride confidently as you tug at the twist in your hair with one hand and you massage your skirt back into position with the other. Hot and sexy adult games.

At the rear wall you spin ninety degrees on your heel and head along the last passage toward a wooden ladder on railings.

You wait for me to arrive, clutching at your skirt.

"Won't you take me, um, the ladder, over there?" you point toward the corner shelf, blushing slightly. Chat rooms for 1 on 1 sex cam video chat no signup no sine in no membership.

The ladder creaks on the railings as I wheel it over to the corner.

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Every sound seems amplified.

I notice that the rungs are quite far apart.

"Erotic photography techniques is way up there," you point with a dart of your eyes, "just give me a minute and watch carefully, um, that the ladder doesn't move.

" You lift your skirt slightly to free your legs to climb the first two rungs of the ladder. Wallingford connecticut fuck fat women.

I spread my stance, placing my feet on either side of it and I hold the sides firmly as my chest and torso faintly brushes against your body.

You linger for a moment, almost imperceptibly pressing your body backwards into mine before you climb the next rung.

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This step brings the bottom of your skirt level with my eyes.

I gaze down your toned legs, admiring the velvety smoothness and then back up, taking a deep breath.

As you turn sideways and raise your leg to climb the next rung, I hope to catch a glimpse of your panties as your skirt rides up your legs. One111love www xxxsexivedio com.

Your leg muscles flex and the skirt inches up along your velvety leg.

As your foot reaches the next rung, your skirt rides up to reveal the shapely contour of your bent leg's inner thigh.

I trace the bottom of the contour all the way to where I expect your panties, but see instead your closely cropped fine hair above your pussy slit and your clit peeping out, glistening, right in front of my eyes.

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You hold your position and look down at me, smiling.

"I'm not normally like this to people who return books late, but I figure you need to be punished," you whisper.

"So your tongue will have to wait until I come back down.

" I feel a throbbing in my jeans.

"Yes, I've been very bad," I acknowledge, as you raise your other leg and position your feet on the rung as far away from each other as is possible, so as to gift me the best possible upskirt view.

"I bet you wish you had your camera trained on me right now," you continue to tease-whisper as you reach for a tall book and slide it out from between its neighbours and hand it down to me.

"Hold the ladder steady, I want to turn around.

" I place the book on the ground and look back up at you.

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You turn around and steady yourself on the ladder, feet spread.

I can see your pussy slit clearly underneath your skirt and I watch it open, mesmerized, as you bend your legs to slip back down a rung.

Your clit comes into view again as it slides out, more engorged than before. Hentai lactating porno movies.

My mouth salivates as you press your butt against a rung, trapping your skirt against the rough wood.

You keep lowering your body and your skirt just rides up against your smooth skin, bringing your pussy completely naked to rest in front of my mouth as your feet spread out on the next rung on your way down.

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You feel my breath, hot against your wet clit and your fingers grip the ladder sides tightly, bracing for the moment that you feel the ridges and tip of my tongue lick at your sex.

You feel my chin comb into your thighs and then the first heavenly lick of my tongue, swishing from side to side with increasing pressure into your slit and electrifyingly over your clit, with the tip hooking under your hood and coaxing your clit to stretch into my mouth.

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