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OH! she almost screamed.

Oh, my God, Ronnie! Oh, yes! she went on, breathlessly as I buried my tongue deep into her vagina, then pulled it out a bit, rubbing its surface over the quivering bulb of the clit.

Oh, my god, you lovely man! she said breathlessly. Jasmin webcam naked.

My lover! Nobody's eaten my pussy in soo looong! I love it! I love it! She was still arching her back, over and over again as if to make better contact with my tongue.

Oh, honey! Ronnie! Ronniee, she wailed suddenly as the orgasm cascaded over her.

She reached down and cupped her hands over my ears, holding my face against her pussy as she quivered under the force of her cumming. Online sex chat real.

Then, while she was still quivering under the influence of her orgasm, she tugged my face off her snatch and began pulling it up toward her waiting mouth.


I moved my body to assist the movement and soon our mouths were together.

Her tongue probed mine between my lips, which were covered in her pussy-juices. Casssie88 best porn webcam.

Mmm, we both moaned together as we kissed.

Soon, though, I broke the kiss and positioned myself, kneeling between her legs.

I leaned in closer toward her, angling my throbbing cock at the wet entrance to her pussy.

As I pressed forward and the head began to penetrate between the sopping, quivering lips of her vagina, I looked into her eyes. Hot webcam models.

At first, the eyes stared back into mine, but soon they began to roll backwards as the ecstasy of being penetrated gripped her.

Oh! Oh, yeah! She moaned as my dick slid slowly in.


When I was in all the way I backed out a bit, then pushed back in all the way again. Mega busty big ass goddess loves anal and pussy fuck big tits video.

Soon we were fucking and humping like mad as the passions continued building.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

she said over and over.

I simply grunted, and then began to moan myself.

But that moan cascaded into a bellow of lust as my animal instincts took over.

Humping hard into her, over and over, trying to make it last, but to no avail. Deardianvasya hot anal sex.

Yeeaahh! I yelled as my too-long pent-up orgasm erupted from my cock.

I humped once, twice, three times more into her as the jism spurted into her sweet pussy.

Finally, light headed, I collapsed upon her.


But Gloria wasn't content, yet.

Soon she squirmed out from under me and rolled me over onto my back. Free sex sluts new in aine assef.

My cock was still stiff as I lay there.

I stuck up like a flagpole, but soon I felt Gloria's mouth on it.

She gave it a couple of quick sucks as if to assure herself it was still hard.

Then watched her through my half-closed eyes.

Gloria positioned herself, kneeling, then lowered her pussy down on my cock. Free webcam animal sex.

She began rocking back and forth, riding the knob that was sticking up into her sweet snatch.

Ahh, she moaned.

Then she moaned out a long, shuddering word, Pleassuurre! as another wave of orgasm flowed over and through her.

I could feel her pussy quivering like a vibrator on my cock.

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It was heavenly! We must have uncoupled shortly afterward and gone to sleep for a bit shortly after that.

But I don't really remember.

But I did become aware after a while that I had to urinate, badly.

I opened my eyes and glanced over at Gloria.

She lay on her belly, her face turned toward me, her eyes closed but with a satisfied smile on her lips. Girls having good sex.

I leaned over and kissed her, lightly, then stood up and walked to the bathroom.

As I was standing at the stool, pissing, my eyes closed and enjoying the release it brought me I became aware of Gloria’s hand snaking its way over my shoulder.

Soon I felt the warmth of her sweet, naked body pressing against my back and the other hand beginning to circle my waist.

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As she began to kiss my shoulders I finished pissing, then shook the last drops of urine from my dick, then leaned back against her.

Mmm, Gloria purred as she kissed and licked the skin of my shoulder.

You are sooo good, Ronnie.

Thank you.

Thank you so much. South afrika xxx sexcy picher.

You made me feel like a woman again.

I turned around and put my arms around her smooth, soft flesh.

I pulled her close and kissed her, long and deeply.

Feeling her warmth and softness against me caused a stirring in my loins again.

I broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes, smiling. Free online adalt sex cam no download no registration.

Believe me, honey, I said.

You are a woman.

All woman.


I gazed into her eyes, then heaved out a sigh.

But right now, I told her, I guess I need to take a shower, get dressed and go on back downstairs to our room.

Susie's gonna be wondering where I went.

Gloria gazed at me and smiled a rueful smile. Huge tits solo webcam.

Yeah, she said with a sigh.

I guess so.

Then she perked up.

How about if I shower with you? she asked.

I could scrub your back.

Or other things.


I said, well aware my cock was rising again at the thought.

Soon we were in the shower with warm water cascading over us. Best free sex video chat.

I leaned back against the shower's forward wall and let the spray go over my shoulder to splash against Gloria's front side.

I watched the water cascading in rivulets off her magnificent breasts to drip off her still semi-erect nipples.


Her tits did have a bit of matronly sag to them, but not much and I still longed to suck on them. Russian teen live sex cam.

So, as Gloria grabbed some soap and lathered up her hairy snatch, I leaned forward to grasp the right one in my mouth.

Mmm, escaped her lips but she didn't pull away.

In fact, they took one soapy hand and placed it on the back of my head to hold it in place while the other hand continued scrubbing, then rinsing her pussy. Andy sex66.

My dick was now fully erect and the next thing I knew, Gloria sank down to her knees under the shower spray and quickly found my member with her mouth.

The spray was now hitting the top of her head and water ran down each side of her nose and over the lips that were eagerly sucking my dick.

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I just leaned back against the forward wall of the shower and enjoyed it.

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