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The contrast of the dark, chocolate skin and the even darker lips against the hot pink inside her opening had always driven Sandy crazy.

It was incredibly warm and wet inside as Sandy lowered her tongue into the opening and began to lick her.

As she did so, Bethany let out a long, low moan. Adult sex at staunton.

Oh shit yeah, just like that, she groaned.

She caught a brief glimpse of Bryan’s head peeping around the corner of the door frame and then ducking back again.

It turned her on thinking that the husband of the woman licking her pussy was watching them.

She closed her eyes and put her head back against the wall as Sandy’s mouth found her clit and started sucking on it. Free lesbian porn webcam.


Bryan peeped around the corner with greater caution this time.

He was almost certain he had been caught, but neither had made any sort of response.

When he looked this time he saw that Bethany’s eyes were closed.

He stepped out a little more boldly to watch them stroking his cock. Wwe sex naked nude.

His wife’s creamy ass was in the air with the hot pink thong that matched Bethany’s inviting him as well.

He watched his wife’s had moving up and down between Bethany’s dark, chocolate thighs.

The contrasting colors of creamy white, dark chocolate, red and pink all blending together in a seductive dance to the melody of low, soft moans and gasps was making him rock hard. Archive best asian teen sex.

He happened to glance at the mirrors in the dressing suite and caught Sandy’s bright, blue eyes watching him stroke his cock while she flicked her tongue across Bethany’s clit.


There was no denying that he had been caught watching.

Sandy extended a finger and beckoned him forward then she used the same finger to pull aside the pink lace between her legs. Sexy women from newark nj.

Bryan did not hesitate any longer.

He moved into the room sliding out of his jeans and leaving them behind.

He moved up behind Sandy, went to his knees and slowly moved his cock up and down between her full, wet pussy lips.

Bethany heard him enter the room and looked up at him and smiled, watching him position himself behind Sandy’s creamy, white ass. Big & sexy breast.

He pushed his cock slowly into his wife’s warm, moist pussy.

She moaned with pleasure as she felt him slide into her.

Oh yes, fuck her, Bethany whispered.


She moved her fingers from her pussy and leaned forward so that she could undo the zipper of the white top. Amateur home webcam.

She pulled it off of her shoulders and her dark, chocolate breasts with the even darker nipples fell free.

She began caressing them and pinching the nipples while she held eye contact with Bryan.

Oh god, yes, you lick my pussy so good, she moaned.

Bryan’s excitement was increasing by the moment. Wet-pussyxxx absouloutly free sex cams.

He was watching his wife slurping away on the wet pussy of Bethany, while Bethany played with her nipples and he was watching his cock slide in and out of Sandy’s wet pussy.

Her creamy, white ass was pushing back into him more aggressively as she heard Bethany’s moans from the pleasure she was giving with her tongue.

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Bryan’s rhythm and the depth of his thrusts increased.

His thrusts were causing Sandy’s mouth to be rammed into Bethany’s clit.

Sandy was holding on tight with her arms wrapped around Bethany’s thighs and while his thrusts pushed her tongue and mouth hard against Bethany’s clit. Sexual attraction tumblr.

Bethany was holding her breath and she had locked Sandy’s head into her pussy with her hands.

When she gasped for air she screamed.

Oh shit, I’m cumming, oh god, yes, yes, yes! she screamed and let go of deep guttural moans in time with the waves of her orgasm. Labella___ live sex web came.

Oh my god, yes! Sandy screamed.

I’m cumming too! Bethany’s orgasm caused a chain reaction.


With her face buried deep in Bethany’s pussy and Bryan’s cock ramming her deep and hard her arousal shot through the roof and the result was the release of waves of hot pleasure radiating through her body beginning at Bryan’s cock and rippling out to make her entire body tingle. 100 real webcam mom and son.

When the two finished their orgasms, Sandy pulled away from Bryan’s cock and stood.

Follow me, she said.

She led them into the bedroom, wiggled out of her hot pink, lace thong and laid back on the edge of the king sized bed, pulling Bethany down on top of her.

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