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Despite myself, I feel my pussy reacting as she wets all around and then probes me with her pointy tongue.

It feels so good as her tongue enters my ass I wish I could open up even more, to feel her deeper inside.

She pulls back and I feel her fingers spreading some lubricant around my pucker before inserting her fingers deep into me. Takemegently webcam exhibitionist.

She spreads the lube around, and I feel her slender fingers massaging it into my tender tissues.

As she withdraws I feel Jerry’s weight behind my parted thighs.

The head of his cock is pushing against my pucker.

I feel his cock straining to open me up without success. Sexyreyna free download of sex webcam.

All of a sudden, he slaps on my ass.

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I immediately loosen up and feel the tip start to slide in.

My anus is stretching as he lodges the tip into the opening.

Breath deeply, you can do this.

Ever so slowly he pushes himself into my tight ass, I feel my ass engulf his cock and it slides inexorably up my butt. Android sex text chat.

I feel so full.

Suddenly his balls are pressed against my cunt lips.

He just stays motionless letting me accustom myself to his girth.

Then taking my hips in his hands he slides my body back and forth on his cock.

My ass is filled to the brim.

I feel such a slut as I relish this new and delicious sensation. Tia essex playboy tv chat.

His cock pumps in and out of me occasionally almost drawing right out before penetrating me again and again.

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My pussy is dripping.

I feel ready to explode.

His throbbing cock makes me cum.

I tighten around his hardon till he suddenly looses his jets of hot cum deep into me. Catwoman sexy cartoon.

The feeling of heat in me is a turn on.

His withdrawal leaves an aching emptiness within me.

He gets off the bed.

My legs are unbound and I am able finally to stretch out.

Totally sated I let my body relax and close my eyes.

Waking up I notice that it is dark outside. Milf tits webcam.

My thoughts are filled with what has taken place.

Blushing I am aware that this has been one of the most sexually exciting and gratifying experience that I have ever happen to me.

My whole body is feeling satisfied as it has never been.

The door opens and Carmen enters bearing a tray of food.

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She deposits the tray on the table and comes over and gently caresses my face.

How are you feeling?’ she asks.

I look at her in the eyes.

I am so confused.

I have never felt this way in my life.

Did you not care that your husband fucked me? I see, she says You are still confusing love with lust. Sex chat rooms not as con.

I love Jerry very deeply and he loves me but I have an itch that needs to be scratched and he understands that, as I understand his itch.

You love sex and have never admitted it to yourself nor have you ever told Matt.

Is that right? True.

Though till yesterday and today I did not fully realize that. Porn webcam lexibaretta.

Well rest easy girl.

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We are working on Matt to come to that understanding also.

I believe that things will be very different for you two going forward.

Now eat and then go take a shower when you get back you will find some items I want you to wear as well as makeup and perfume. Intense sexual attraction.

Doll yourself up then we are going to go to the grand finale.

Grande finale? No questions now just get yourself ready.

I am starved and parched.

I wolf down the small filet mignon and vegetables.

There is also a small bottle of bubbly to quench my thirst. Fun sexy games to play.

I go to the bathroom and use the bidet to clean my pussy and ass which feel encrusted with the afternoon’s spendings.

Turning on the shower I set the sprays to maximum and let the hot water relax my body as I stand there soaping myself.

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Memories flood my mind of my shower with Evie yesterday, and how delicious she is, and of how good she made me feel. Sex two milf 50 and one boy.

Finally drying myself, I scamper back to the bedroom.

Laid out on the table is an assortment of cosmetics and perfumes.

I carefully make myself up.

Mascara and eyeliner to make my blue eyes stand out.

I follow up with a deep red lip gloss.

Deep red nail polish for my fingers and toes. Indiandesire cam to cam sexy chat.

Now that’s a change, I say to myself.

Normally my makeup is very subdued now I look so different.

Drying my hair I let it fall down in loose in natural waves across my shoulders.

Looking at the items on the bed.

I see a black garter belt and a set of sheer black hose.

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I put on the garter belt then slide the hose up my long legs.

These are accompanied by a set of red shoes with four-inch heels.

Donning them I step up to the full-length mirror.

Oh My God, the scarlet whore of Babylon, I think, staring at my reflection.

Carmen walks in looks at me and gives a wolf whistle. Dimvolk851 chat sex arabe.

They are going to love you, she says.

Come with me.

They? I ask.

Shhhh, come with me.

She leads me to a huge open room.

As I enter she announces, Tonight’s entertainment, to the people assembled there.

The ten people in the room clap and whistle as I stand there quasi-nude, blushing, at the door. Game porno di android.

This is Rachel.

She is here because she has agreed to be punished, humiliated and abused for shoplifting.

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She will now go to each of you and introduce herself personally.

Go on, she says pushing me forward.

Blushing, I almost stumble towards the first couple standing there. Camgirl masturbation.

Hi, I am Rachel, I stutter.

The woman who is Chinese smiles at me and says, I’m Alison and this is Jerome, Jerry’s son.

Jerome leers at me.

Watched some wonderful video footage of you and my dad earlier.

So Rachel do you like Chinese food? Alison asks.

Yes, I do. Www canada sexy video live.

She smiles and I suddenly get it that she is to be the meal.

I feel a flush rise to my face.

Well, she says why don’t we start with a little desert? Reaching over to a table behind her she takes a large strawberry.

She is wearing a split skirt and as she turns she reveals an incredibly beautiful ass clad in a tiny thong.

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She parts her skirt pushes aside the thong and slips the strawberry thru the lips of her cunt.

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