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As she walked, cum trickled down the insides of her legs with each step she made.

When Karen returned from the bathroom, she knelt on the edge of the bed, spread her legs wide and presented herself to be fucked doggy style.

Each time she returned, she would offer herself in a different position. Merandasss xxx sexy mobile live vidio.

The next man mounted her and roughly fucked her, to keep her close to him, he held on to her large breasts that hung so sexily from her chest.

Karen asked him to take it a little easier on her.

If he used her up that early in the night, there would be nothing left of her for his other friends to fuck.

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She wanted to make sure that everyone left satisfied.

One guy jumped up on the bed and knelt in front of her and placed his dick in Karen’s mouth.

She sucked on his dick till he shot his load into her mouth which she promptly swallowed.

Karen gave many more blowjobs while being fucked as the night went on. Direct sex chat sites.

In that way, she could service more men in a shorter time.

I knew that this was going to be an epic night and set the bar even higher for any future nights.

Karen’s competitive side had always made her strive for future adventures to be bigger, better and more risque the next time.

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I started to take a tally of her night’s performance, how many and in what position, but decided it was not necessary.

As the night progressed, Karen refreshed herself after every six to eight men.

Towards the end of the night, Karen had gotten very tired and allowed up to three men to fuck her at one time; they filled her mouth, ass, and pussy with their seed. Alluringali25 girls webcams windows phone.

What had started with Karen naked in the elevator with six young black men around eleven the night before, turned into a marathon session with her being the entertainment in the hospitality suite for a large group of well over two dozen young frat brothers.

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Karen fucked and sucked till after three the next morning.

I stopped counting after she had allowed over two dozen different men to fuck her.

By the end of the night, Karen was like a rag doll, utterly exhausted and covered in sweat and cum.

She had cum running out of every orifice. Jaylene rio sex images.

One muscular young man picked Karen up covered her with a blanket and carried her to our room.

He placed her on the bed where she went sound to sleep until around noon.

When she got up, she joined me on the balcony where I was sitting.

She still looked so sexy to me. Sexlive mob.


She was still naked and covered with dried cum from head to toe.

Even her hair was matted with the sweat and cum.

We talked about how she felt about being the entertainment for the night in the hospitality suite and marathon show she put on.

She said that it was enjoyable at first, but after a few hours, she just wanted it to be over. Alicante personals phone sex.

The last hour or so was just a blur to her.

That was when she let as many as three men fuck her at one time to get it over sooner Karen told me that she knew that her bullheadedness had set her up for what had happened to her and that she should have listened to me about not going to their room.

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She was worn out and knew that her pussy and ass would need some time to recuperate from the abuse it took at the party.

She just wanted to shower and soak in the tub for a while, then make love to me.

Karen dressed and did her hair.

She looked beautiful. Ladycherry sex free cams for ps3.

To look at her, you would not have known that last night had ever happened.

We went down to the restaurant for a steak dinner.

When we entered the dining room, Karen noticed that the group of young men that had enjoyed her the night before gathered in the rear of the dining room at the back of the restaurant.

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We walked back, and Karen again introduced us to them.

They commented on how beautiful she looked and invited us to join them at their buffet.

Karen told them about the game and how it had worked out many times before, but never like it did with them.

She was sixty-three and old enough to be their mother and, in a few cases, their grandmother. Independence missouri horny phone sex.

They had all figured that she was much younger.

They thanked her for allowing them the pleasure of gangbanging her and invited her up to their rooms for another session that night.

Karen declined their offer, saying that they used her up last night and that she had nothing left for them to use.

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She felt that they would not be satisfied by her performance.

On the long ride home, Karen asked me how I thought she could ever top last night’s performance.

I told her I had recently found an adult theater in a neighboring town that had a singles side and on Wednesday night it was men’s night out. Korean naked girls nude and sex.

I had been informed that there would be a large group of black men and it would be a perfect place for our game.

And would be something new for her to do.

I told Karen that she would dress in high heels and a short sheer wrap dress that left little to the imagination.

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As soon as we entered the theatre, she was to untie her wrap and let it fall open, exposing her naked body.

We would get seats in the front of the theatre near the stage.

Karen would then remove her dress and sit on it.

I would have her go to the restroom and snack bar, naked so that everyone would get a good look at her naked body.

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