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As my husband’s cock softened inside me then slipped stickily out, he rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling, his face hot and pink.

That was amazing, Penny, he croaked.

You’ve been practicing! I forced out a rather false-sounding laugh; that much was certainly true. Swetteramona android porno.

You didn’t cum though, did you? he asked.

It doesn’t matter, I began.

It DOES matter, he insisted.

I mean it! I wish I could make you feel as good as… as good as you just made me feel! It’s not you, I said unconvincingly.

It’s me Pete! There was a long pause as he regained his breath. Free live sex picture.

I brought my aching legs together, feeling the warm stickiness on my upper thighs and thinking how different it had all felt with Tony in his apartment only a few days ago.

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That was the last time he and I had fucked; the last time I had reached orgasm. Free single sex chat wilmington.

The last time I had cheated on my husband, my inner voice suddenly said loudly, turning the memories of arousal and excitement into deep feelings of remorse and shame.

You know it would be okay? Pete’s voice brought me out of my reverie with a start.

Hmmm? Male cousins having sex. I said it would be okay if you found someone to bring you what I can’t.

I know.

You’ve told me many times! I replied.

And I mean it, he insisted.

If that’s what it takes then I would be okay about it! Do you really mean it, Pete? I asked, staring at the ceiling. Free granny sex dating in lincolnshire.

I mean really, really mean it?

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Of course! If I can’t make you cum then we’ll have to find someone who can.

The familiar words of persuasion suddenly took on a new meaning.

Suddenly I realised the moment of truth had arrived; I had to tell my husband about my affair, I had tell him there and I had to tell him then. Tamanna tamil sex video.

There would never be a more appropriate moment to break news as difficult to hear as this.

Looking back, telling Pete there and then was madness; ill thought-out madness too, unfair both to my husband and my lover but at that moment it seemed the only option. Malta same sex marriage.

So, without even thinking about warning Tony, I took a deep breath, felt my chest tighten with anxiety then took a bold step into the unknown.

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There’s something I have to tell you, I began falteringly.

What is it, Penn? Pete asked, his tone of voice suggesting he knew something big was coming. Milawayne webcams porn onlain.

You’ve told me many times it would be okay if I found a lover.


And I mean it.

Well, Pete.

I’ve… I’ve already found someone! I mumbled.

What? I’.

I have found someone.

Someone who can make me cum.

What are you saying? he asked as if his mind was unable to grasp what his ears were hearing. Dirty sex talk online.

I’m saying I’ve been sleeping with someone else, I almost choked on the words.

Jesus Penny! He sat bolt upright in bed and turned towards me.

I did the same, meeting him face to face.

I’m sorry Pete.

I know it must be a shock.

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You’re not fucking kidding! he interrupted. Mollycarter porn girl online sex chat.

But I’ve been doing what you said you wanted.

Jesus Christ, Penny! Pete jumped out of bed, standing naked alongside the mattress, his flaccid, recently-used cock hanging darkly between his thighs.

He should have looked absurd; instead he looked wounded. Josephine james sex.

It’s what you told me you wanted, I protested, rising on my knees.

You’ve told me hundreds of times it would be okay if I had sex with another man.

Now I’ve done it! You’re really serious? Yes Pete.

I’m serious! He began to pace up and down the bedroom floor. Beautiful teen webcam teen dildo.

Fuck! Who is it? No! Don’t tell me! How… how long has it been going on?

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Nearly five weeks.

Five weeks! How many times have you done it with him? he demanded, still pacing angrily.

You really want to know? Yes! No! Fuck, I don’t know! How could you do this Penny? Valerie kay porno. I thought you wanted me to! I did… well, I thought I did but now… Fuck Penny! I can’t believe you did it! You’ve actually fucked someone else for real? Not just one of our fantasies? You’ve actually cheated on me? He was still now, staring hard at me as I knelt helplessly on the bed, equally naked. Population of essex.

I couldn’t think what to say so I remained silent.

I could hear him breathing heavily and saw tears coming into his eyes.

Are you in love with him? Are… are you going to leave me?

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he eventually asked, his voice broken and choked.

No! I insisted loudly.

Not if you don’t want me to. Daddylovesex sex chat veb.

I don’t love him; I still love you Pete.

It’s just sex, like you told me so many times you wanted! There was another long pause then he spoke softly and quietly but coldly.

Is he good at it? Does he really make you cum? You really want to know? Y… Yes.

Then yes Pete, he’s very good at it and makes me cum almost every time. Porno online strapon femdom.

I heard a soft whimper of pain escape his lips.

But I don’t love him like I love you.

It really is just sex.

I thought that was what you wanted.

Please Penny, don’t say that again.

’ But… I thought it was what I wanted too, but now it’s happened… I don’t know any more!

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Private vidio chat sex indonesia. There was a long pause, one in which my husband of over twenty years seemed unable even to look at me.

If you want, I’ll stop seeing him, I said eventually, realising that, despite the fantastic sex, I really would have stopped it there and then if Pete asked me to. Mature sex chat cara seca.

Instead he took a deep breath and apparently with some difficultly looked deep into my eyes.

I could see the redness and upset in his and it hurt me inside.

Do you want to stop seeing him? he asked, quietly.

I thought for a moment.

Honestly? He nodded.

I think honesty is the only option now, don’t you? Free no registration cam sex for mobile. Then no, I don’t want it to stop, I replied.

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I’d like to keep on seeing him and be married to you, but only if you really are okay about it.

You have to be honest about that, Pete.

And you’d really stop if I asked you? Yes, Pete.

I really would.

There was an even longer pause; eventually I couldn’t keep silent and turned towards him.

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