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He held her in his arms again and they rested.

He wanted more as soon as he was able.

She was shocked by his kiss, but also aroused.

They lay in each others arms and she thought.

She thought that maybe this one was different from all the rest.

All of the ones who, when they found out she had something different between her legs, had run out, had called her horrible names, had hit her, had humiliated her, had made her feel cheap. Interracial sex picture links.

Maybe, she thought.

To be continued.

When we last left our story Carol was getting ready to go out with her new best friend and lover Tina.

The pretty young blonde Aussie surfer was taking Paul’s wife to the most expensive nightclub in Kuta.

With Tina’s help Carol had transformed her self into a new woman.

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Under Tina’s guidance the staid mother of one had adopted a new, younger, sexier and edgier look.

Before abandoning her husband Paul to watch the evening’s excitement via computer video link, the newly flowering horny wife checked her new outfit and updated look in the mirror. Miley cyrus gets fucked hard pics.

Carol did a half-pirouette and stopped.

Like every woman she critically examined her profile in the reflective floor-length glass mirror.

She was looking for any possible flaws in her appearance.

Her gaze took in the short black leather mini skirt, the salmon-coloured crop-top and her pert braless tits. Need sex tonight in underwood minnesota.

What might be less easy to detect from her outer appearance was Carol’s shaved bald pussy and (she blushed at the thought) the fact that she was panty-less?

Sexy men from 77086. Carol
The newly adventurous wife was nervous dressed to go out like this.

Was this reflection she saw in the mirror really her? Destiny venezuelian rican sex kontakt. Was this the same woman who had almost disappeared drowning under a failed marriage? Carol felt the shiver of a thrill tingle up and down her spine.

Excitement was infusing her thumping heart.

She was giddy with anticipation for the night to come.

Carol felt exhilarated to meet her new Aussie girlfriend. Kaylani lei sex spa.

A girl’s night out was just what she needed.

Especially accompanied by her new exciting wing-girl.

The intoxicating exhilaration of knowing random men and woman would be eyeing her body up and down and wanting to fuck her made Paul’s wife tingle with electricity.

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For too long Carol had been trapped in her mundane sexually unsatisfying marriage.

Like a caged bird she had been unable to stretch her sexual wings.

How long had she been silently screaming to escape from her cage? Yelling silently for help in her depressing dreams had been far too common. Webcam nashua female.

The old Carol would only hear her own empty echo in reply to her desperate pleas for help.

That hollow reverberating cry had caused deep anguish and trauma.

To save her self the old Carol had tired to hide.

She had tried to shrivel up and become small.

The wife with such big dreams in college had diminished her self. Cedar rapids sexy singles.

Over the years Paul’s wife had retreated into a silent corner of her marriage suffering and feeling isolated.

Sexy men from 77086. Carol

For too long she had lain beside Paul in the marriage bed like a corpse, untouched and neglected.

Her tortured husband had been equally trapped by his own secret desires and unfulfilled needs. Online sex free video in south africa.

The spouses had hugged onto their isolation and silence like a security blanket or favourite comforting teddy bear.

Each had retreated rather than face the truth of their desires.

With a twisted logic each had sought the salvation of their marriage in retreat and silence. Local webcam porn.

Isolation was the shield for self-preservation.

And yet surely isolation would have doomed them.

Of course Carol had been confused.

Everything in her life had turned out backwards to what she had expected.

Sexy men from 77086. Carol

Marriage, she had previously thought, was supposed to equate to freedom and especially sexual freedom. Indin girls sexy adalt chating online.

As a couple you were supposed to have amazing sex.

A young wife and her husband were supposed to explore everything in the freedom of a loving and supportive relationship.

Well that’s the spiel young girls are sold in women’s magazines and web sites.

But what was the reality for women like Carol? Veronamoore sex. Well with all of the societal taboos it seemed, perforce, that most couples rather than finding sexual freedom, found a kind of sexual prison.

Women sadly became chained to a man who had no idea how to sexually satisfy them or make them happy.

For so long poor timid Carol had felt trapped inside that sexual prison.

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The bars may have been invisible, but they were stronger than steel.

Now it was all out in the open.

Now as a couple they had all their cards on the table.

A light had been shone on Paul’s secret taboos.

Carol was beginning to express her own long unvoiced sexual desires. Webcam porn shows.

Was Carol completely out of the woods? Was she in the clear? Absolutely not, but now Paul’s wife realized she could play for all the chips.

She smiled and sucked in her tummy with a giggle.

She thought she looked damn good for her age.

The reflection she saw reflected back tonight was not the old Carol. 100 sexy free webcam.

It was a new and still flowering Carol.

It was a woman Carol was starting to really like.

Sexy men from 77086. Carol

It was a woman in control of her life and embracing her femininity and sexuality.

It was a woman fully aware of the horny pussy between her smooth thighs and more than willing to use it for pleasure and happiness. Cheating wifes get caught fucking videos.

Carol was starting to glimpse an understanding of her new situation.

It seemed to her so many people lived like her old self.

They lived their lives without fulfilling their fantasies.

Secretly these unhappy people had cravings, needs, obsessions, but they hid them away. Hot sexsi bengoli free chats.

The result was a huge empty void that just kept growing like a powerful black hole inside of them.

Carol shivered with disgust thinking of how empty she had felt only a short time ago.

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