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Yeah, I am.

I said.

I just thought I’d say goodnight.

he said softly.

I smiled for a moment, Hey Zach… Yeah? he said.

Cuddle? I asked innocently.

He gave out a short giggle, Sure.

I pushed the blankets to the edge of my bed and I felt him grab my feet as he climbed over me. Freehindi indian sex girl online video chatting.

I moved onto my side and he lay down on his back.

We’ve done this so many times we knew exactly how to position ourselves, even in pure darkness.

I lay back down on my side and cuddled into him, my tummy against his side.

I dug one of my arms underneath his back and placed the other on his tummy.

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He wrapped one of his arms around my shoulder and rested it on my hip.

Immediately, I was camp fire warm.

Not just on the outside, but on the inside.

I felt completely at home in his arms, like the world didn't matter, like there were no problems to deal with. Love in idlen sex.

Only the feeling of warmth, security, bliss and innocence.

I love feeling his body against mine.

He gave out a long sigh, I have something I’ve wanted to ask you.

Sure? I asked in anticipation.

Are you…are you ok? Ever since our mother left? he said.

I was in shock, Yeah, I’m ok with everything…but are you? Sex videochat ruletka.

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Yeah, I’m fine.

he whispered softly.

I made circles with my fingers on his chest.

Don’t live in the past, Zach.

I whispered back.

"It's hard not to, and you know the reasons why.

" he whispered.

"Deep down, she loves you, and you know that.

" I whispered.

A long silence went between us, the entire time I was making shapes with my fingers on his chest. Milf anal sexy feet.

The more I snuggled into him, the more I could smell his attractive male scent.

The scent slowly turned me on and I needed to say something to get my mind off of how sexually appealing he was.

Support Lush Stories Zach? I whispered.

I waited for a moment, but there was no response.

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I got a little louder, Zach? Still there was no response.

I placed my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat.

It had perfect rhythm, with a hint of strength.

There was no greater sound in the world, than listening to my brother’s heart beat.

The sound of life in the greatest guy I know. Pakistani sex webcam videos.

My own heart began to flutter and tingle as I kissed his t-shirt covered chest.

I ran my hand up his shirt and touched his hard abs.

As I played with them, feelings of excitement and the want to explore his body began to control me.

I slowly slid my fingers down his tummy to his waistline.

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I was terrified to go any further down, but I felt the need to feel him.

I began to sweat and tremble as my fingers reached into his pajama pants and touched his crotch.

For a moment, I was expecting to feel hair, but he was completely bare and shaven, just as I was. Sex chat s.

My fingers moved a little further down, and I could feel his soft shaft.

I shook with nervousness, and asked myself if this was right.

But my urges to go through with it pushed away any logic.

I gripped his soft penis in my hand and stroked him up and down. Xkayexx s bio and free webcam.

Slowly, I could feel him growing in my hand, and I pulled his penis out of his pajama pants.

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It was huge, much larger than I had ever imagined, and though I couldn’t see it I knew it was massively long and thick.

I stroked a little harder, but not enough to wake him. Tamilonlinesex co.

I would be beyond embarrassed if he caught me doing this.

I wanted him to cum, needed him to cum.

I needed to feel his strong cock strain itself.

I stroked for a few more moments, and suddenly I heard him moan.

I released his penis, before I heard him speak. Bisexual female florida.

Don’t stop… he whispered.

In those two words, my fears disappeared.

I grabbed his penis once more, stroking harder and faster than before.

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