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I still can’t believe she won even if I was hung over, but damn that girl is not only hot but really competitive.

Dave also thought back to the early text he received from her that morning just saying, save some energy this week loser, you will need it xoxo. Sex live secretchloe.

His mind wondered further about the bet, hell what did he have to worry about? She might make him cook, who knows maybe clean a bit, and then what…lick her pussy till she cums? That he does without losing a bet.

Dave looked out the window and took a deep relaxing breath, thinking in his mind this gorgeous women he was falling for so deeply for couldn’t get him worried about a simple little bet.

Webcam naked at work. Dave
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However, nothing could be further from the truth! If Dave only knew what Diane was up to, he might be concerned, it not downright worried.

This bet of theirs was actually planned by Diane for many weeks; she had schemed and fantasized about putting Dave in such a predicament so that he would become the powerless one, whereas she would hold all the cards. Wild4antonia sexvido.

Dave, being much respected in his career, rarely had anyone ever challenge his authority.

He was used to telling his subordinates how things needed to be successfully run and things ran smoothly that way.

Webcam naked at work. Dave

But, Dave also behaved like this when he was with Diane, usually calling the shots on where they would eat, how often they would see each other, etc. Sexfromrussia com.

Also, he often dictated when, where and how they would make love.

Diane actually preferred the man in her life to take charge and thus respected Dave for his loving direction, but also yearned to shake things up a bit.

She wanted to tease him a little and also show him that she could be boss for once. Dominatrix fucks guy.

And she felt comfortable enough to use this opportunity to fulfill one of her intimate fantasies, one of which she had never uttered a word about.

Webcam naked at work. Dave

So, while Dave was away on his trip, Diane had plenty of time to work on all of the details as well as acquire anything needed to make her dream a reality. Teen webcam vichatter videos.

Friday night could not come quick enough for either one of them.

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