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I was already his submissive.

He was already my dominant.

We read lots of stuff together and drew up a contract.

I was so nervous and so excited.

I eagerly signed it and gushed into my panties as I did.

So began our life.

It's easy to be a good submissive when your man is such a fucking turn-on. Izvne s bio and free webcam.

I mean, even in my fantasies, when it's just one man, it's always my man.


He's so imposing.

Everyone looks at him first when we walk into a room.

At first I didn't like it.

But after a while it just made me proud.

And thankful.

Thankful that it was me on this Adonis' arm. 120 essex st.

But he is so much more than an Adonis.

He's not cocky, just self-assured.

He knows himself well.

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And he is about to know me better than he ever has.

I started typing.

This is a bit embarrassing to admit.

But when I get wet, I'm only allowed to clean myself with my fingers and my mouth. Kim kardashian sex tape golden shower.

Which usually just makes me all the wetter.

Which is kind of self-defeating, don't you think? He chuckled when he made that rule.

But it was right up my alley.

I have slut fantasies.

Fantasies where I'm taken unwillingly and fucked till I love it.

Who am I kidding? Real webcam sex chat. I love being fucked.

And I mean completely fucked.

Sweaty and sore.

All holes.

I am not too keen about anal, but I like it after the initial shock and pain.

I don't look forward to that feeling.

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It makes my tummy tumble.

But after that, I do love it. Granny sex serbia.

I feel so slutty too.




I loveeee sucking too.

Especially big ones, though not all my fantasy men have enormous cocks.

A couple of my girlfriends really envy me! But I don't know why.

I mean, if Johan were a bit smaller, it would be a lot easier! Two milfs fuck boy. A cock is a cock, right? I can't imagine a tiny one being much fun though.

Is it wrong to genuinely feel a bit sorry for those guys? I just think sucking is so yummy though.

I can see his face and actually know whether I'm being pleasing.

I mean, it's got to be pretty hard to fake! Calendar librarian pose sexy wis. Right girls? I also spend a fair bit of time on my knees too.

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Oh! I don't mean like that! Let me explain! Johan is my husband and lover, but he is also my Master.

I like being able to kneel at his feet.

So I have three really big cushions in various places around the house. Sexy webcam boobs.

With time, one really does get used to kneeling.

As long as one's joints and back are okay, I mean.

I guess I also feel sorry for the subbies who can't do that.

I love looking up at him from down there.

I love seeing the look in his eyes.

And I love knowing a man's cock is hard because I am exciting him.

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