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I exhaled slowly and placed my hands upon my head.

I did it.

I finally did it.

Now the next question was how long could I survive without the need, that primal desire? Even now, I could feel my member tap and press against the bars of his cage, unable to break free. Sexbdcom.

I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, examining my naked form.

I've always admired my feminine-like body, how my slim chest and curved hips gave an aura of androgyny.

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And my skin was soft and smooth.

It was a like having some sort of superpower. Maryjane johnson porno.

If I wanted I could easily pass as a male or a female with a blink of an eye.

I still remember the Halloweens I spent dressing up like Jessica Rabbit or Sailor Moon, giving all the guys a little show as I walked by.

Boy, they got a nasty surprise when they found out the truth.

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Even now my body hasn't changed much.

But now, between my legs, there's a small piece of metal that housed my cock like a wild animal.

I eyed it with shaky legs, still regretting my decision.

But it was for the best.

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