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It was a swinger’s party and it’s an interesting story how I ended up there.

I work as an assistant to a wealthy man, he is handsome and often had made passes at me.

Being in my mid-thirties and single, I never minded, even though he had a wife. Hidden cam beach sex video.

After a nearly a year of banter and even some close to sexual harassment from him, he made an outstanding confession to me.


Bella, I know you are single and don’t often go out on dates.

How would you like to spend an evening of no strings attached sex with as many cocks as you can muster? Naruto shipuden xxx sex. He saw the look on my face and laughed.

Nothing like what you’re thinking.

Let me explain.

My wife and I are in an open marriage, that means we both fuck around, but as we are completely honest with each other, all is good.


Now, as a couple in an open marriage, we are also swingers. Sex forest in dayton united states.

We get together with many other couples and some single people and have a night of full sex.

Nothing is out of bounds and we all share partners.

Anyway, we have a party arranged for this weekend, and it’s going to be in my house.

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