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Dee slumped back in her chair.

Face filled with pride.

"So what do you want?" I said intently.

I had to know my fate, one way or the other.

"I think you two should put on a little show for me.

" I was confused.

"Well" she said "I wouldn't want you putting that thing anywhere near me, seeing as I've seen and heard about where you put that. Free african sex hookups.

You can be my puppets for the night.

It's been a good long while since I could tell a man what to do.

It'll be like my own porno.

Maybe I could film it.

" She was so proud of herself.

As if her word was gospel.

But we'd put ourselves in a corner.

"And you won't say nothing to anyone?" "Not a soul.

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And if you ain't good enough.

You'll do it again til it is.

" I was shocked.

"When?" I asked.

"Not tonight, my programmes are on.

Be here tomorrow.

Oh, and wear something nice.

Have a shave.

I can't stand hair down there.

It's filthy, it's disgusting, it's immoral, it is wrong. Wonderalina porno.

But hey hunny.

You'd know all about them things.

" I couldn't believe it.

We'd become her puppets.

She was the mistress of puppets, and there we were, dangling on her strings.

It was cool, crisp October day.

The sky was a light blue with only a few wisps of white clouds fluttering about. Top ten sexiest pornstars.

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The leaves, turning gold, yellow and red, put on a display as we travelled the highway to my parent's house.

My Dad wouldn't let me use his truck, or my mom's car, since I had parked it in the bullrushes last month.

Fucking deer.

I had swerved to miss it and wound up in the bottom of the ditch.

"Next time I'll hit you fucker!" I had yelled as I climbed out of the steep ditch, my sneakers and jeans getting wet and muddy. Sexual webcam.

I had walked the two kilometers of gravel road home in the dark.

The moonlight was a blessing.

"Better not be any fucking bears around!" I bellowed into the night.

In the forested area we lived in there were always some black bears around, looking for food and doing bear type shit, sometimes in our yard.

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Drove the fucking dog nuts.

I slowed down and fought the steering wheel as we turned off the highway and onto the gravel road.

I reached over and put my hand on Melanie's exposed leg.

With her skirt pulled up I had been playing a little, one hand between her legs and the other on the steering wheel, during the drive. Bbw hot webcam.

A benefit of having an old truck with a bench seat.

She giggled as I tried to wriggle my fingers under the crotch of her panties.

Just as the tips of my fingers touched her wetness the tires caught in the loose gravel and pulled the truck towards the ditch.

"Fuck!" I yelled, yanking my hand away from her honey pot and onto the steering wheel.

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I managed to keep control and stay on the road.

She pulled her skirt down, indicating play-time was over, as we drove towards our destination.

When we arrived at the end of the driveway entrance I came to a stop.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her, hoping she would say no. Myluckystrike webcam show.

Then we could back to her place for more play-time.

"Of course I do.

I want to meet all of them," she replied.

Although Melanie and I had been dating, and fucking, each other for six months we had not yet met each other's families.

This was to be the big reveal for my family, who had been hounding me to bring her home.

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Thankgiving had given my parents the excuse they needed to make it happen.

"There will be lots of strange, fucked-up people there.

old people," I explained.

My grand-parents would be there, as well as numerous aunts and uncles, cousins, and assorted odd-ball family members, including my sister. Local sex partners in tuckerman arkansas.

Mostly nice people but a little out there at times in my opinion.

"Let's go!" she exclaimed, slapping my knee.

I drove down the winding driveway and into the yard.

There was a large number of cars & trucks parked neatly.

I didn't park neatly.

The dog, Rambo, came bounding over to us,covered in mud, and jumped on me.

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Fuck, mud all over my jean jacket.

I pushed him down and made him sit so Melanie could pet him.

His tongue licked her hand, leaving it covered in drool.

"Wow, he sure has a big tongue, I'm all wet" she said as she showed me her hand.

"Guess he is my dog after all," I laughed.

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