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Just as he had with his Aunt Lizzie.

He discovered his Mum was far tougher than he thought, and knew he will have to be much better behaved in future or suffer the indignity of being put across her lap again.

He knew he hated being spanked, really hated having to bend across his Mum’s lap and have her spank his bottom. Women for sex.

He never wanted to be spanked again.

He looked at his Mum, her face stern, her manner demanding his obedience.

He so wanted to be obedient but knew he was unlikely to be.

That she will spank him again.

Many times probably.

Why did I spank you Ryan? she demanded. Totally free no sign up fuck date.

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Because I didn’t get home when I said I would Mum came the sorry reply.

Will you be late again Ryan? Oh no Mum, really I won’t.

Audrey bit her lip so she didn’t smile as she saw her son’s penis now standing very erect, which she wondered about bearing in mind how hard she had spanked him but thought she would let it go. Porno anabel 054.

Do you want a hug? she asked, now looking motherly again.

Ryan nodded and fell in to her arms as she pulled him close, telling him it was all over and if he is a good boy it won’t need to happen again.

Ryan hugged his Mum back, knowing it was very unlikely he was going to be good for ever, knowing he was going to be spanked again.

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OK Ryan, go get cleaned up his Mum said after a while.

Ryan sniffed a few times, wiped his face, nodded, and went upstairs.

Audrey was suspicious about the erection so a few moments after she heard Ryan’s bedroom door close she went upstairs and listened outside. Fotos teen porno fhader.

It was unmistakeable, the slow groaning, the heavy breathing, then he said Harder, spank me harder Melissa followed by more heavy breathing and finally three long gasps.

Yes, unmistakeable.

He had masturbated after the spanking, and it must have been because of it, and he was thinking of young Melissa, just as Lizzie had suspected.

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She kept listening.

Ryan didn’t make any sound until he said Hi Cous, thought I’d tell you.

Mum just spanked me and I came like you wouldn’t believe.

The cum reached my chest.

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