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I was starting to get nervous but I was also very horny after watching my wife giving a blow job and taking another man’s cum on her lips.

Get on your knees and look through the hole,she ordered. Black lesbian sex only.

I knelt down on the sticky floor and looked through.

I saw a guy put some money in the video machine.

I noticed a sizable bulge in his pants.

After selecting a movie, he undid his pants and took out a beautiful uncut cock. Live webcam model.

It was semi hard and he stroked it a few times.

Put two fingers through the hole to let him know you want his cock,I was instructed.

I did that and a few moments later I felt his cock rub against my fingers as he pushed it through the hole. Sextape mature.

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Beautiful,my wife exclaimed, now show me what your have learned.

I started stroking his cock.

My mouth was a little dry from the excitement and I had to calm down.

This was not the first cock I had sucked but it was so thrilling thinking that I did not even know what the guy looked like. Videos pornos de artitas.

I felt like a total slut.

I started licking his shaft and I heard him moan over the videos playing.

After treating his cock like a lollipop for a while, I took it in my mouth.

I was trying to imitate what I thought my wife had done a few minutes ago. Naugthybitch unty online sex.

I felt his cock get harder in my mouth.

My own cock was getting harder and was trying to poke out.

However, I had it tucked in well so all it was doing was straining and causing pain.

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I was so excited I did not care.

When his cock was fully hard I tried to take it all down my throat. Sex online 2019.

I could not quite do it.

You need to work on controlling your gag reflex.

Relax and try it again,my wife instructed.

I followed her direction and managed to swallow his whole cock.

I could feel his pubic hair brush my nose. Hustler all sex issue march 2009.

I continued running my mouth up and down his cock.

Don’t forget his balls,my wife advised.

I took his cock out of my mouth and licked his scrotum and shaft.

After a few moments I returned his cock to my mouth.

I used my hand to massage his sack. Free registartoin sex chat.

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I could hear him moaning louder and more frequently.

Keep at it, he is going to cum soon,my wife directed.

I started sucking him faster and faster.

I thought I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue.

It did not take long and I felt his scrotum tighten and I heard a groan. Sex dating in millers falls massachusetts.

I took his cock from my mouth and he started shooting his cum on my neck and face.

What are you doing?my wife exclaimed.

Keep sucking.

I took him back in my mouth but he had finished cumming.

Clean him up like a good girl,said my wife. Cum ass sex.

I sucked and licked his cock some more.

A short time later, he pulled his cock out of the hole and did up his pants.

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