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I hope that's ok?" "That's great," she replies warmly, "We can always use more volunteers with delivery requests.

" "Well, deliveries will be perfect.

I have a van.

" "Even better," she replies.

I'm immediately relieved I didn't drive the Honda.

If the van hadn't been parked directly behind it, I'm afraid that would have been my first choice.

"If you just go to the room on the right at the far end of this hallway, our organizer Helen will be able to set you up with a partner and get you on your way as soon as possible," she says, "And thanks again for helping out.

" The warm reception has lifted my mood even further, and I'm itching to get started.

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Before I'm halfway down the long hallway I can hear the buzz of conversation.

It only gets louder as I continue, and it's almost at party pitch when I round the corner.

How many people are here anyway? Giving the half-open door a knock before slowly entering, an elderly lady walks toward me and extends her hand.

"Hi, I'm Helen," she says in a squeaky almost frail voice, "I'm so glad you came to help out.

" "Hi Helen, I'm Cami," I reply, noting the almost imperceptible grasp of her thin hand against mine, "I'm looking forward to it.

" "Come along, I'll introduce you to the others," Helen urges, gesturing me toward a group of women and one solitary man gathered around a small table covered with an array of various dainties and a large coffee urn.

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I like Helen immediately.

With her slightly stooped posture and wizened yet delicate facial features she reminds me so much of my grandmother.

The big difference being my grandmother has the blue tinted hair that she thinks suits her so well.

Helen wisely goes with the natural snow white that I find much more attractive. Trymoko28 www usa chat and fuck live video.

Like my grandmother, I get the impression that Helen is a real take-charge woman.

A flurry of introductions ensues as we arrive at the table.

Helen introduces me to everyone present, and of course almost insists I have a coffee and a little something to snack on.

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All the other women present represent a cross section of the local women.

A few are quite elderly, while most are what I would classify as typical soccer mom types.

The ones who relish community activities while their children are attending school, and of course gossip. Porno larisa.

They're all a flurry of questions as we're introduced.

The usual overly snoopy interrogations these types thrive on.

About marriage, kids, where I live and my husband's work.

I forget their names as fast as Helen introduces us.

The sole man in the little gathering stands out in stark contrast to the others.

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Other than being simply a man he's also rather young, very handsome, and the only black person in the room.

When Helen introduces me to Nathan, I'm pleasantly surprised to find him to be very pleasant and a true gentleman.

Given my penchant for always being drawn to strays and outsiders, I quickly gravitate toward him and our conversation just seems to take off. Sexy petite asian.

He doesn't pry or question.

Instead he seems to want to simply talk.

Since I'm always up for a good gab, it's something I appreciate in a man.

My blabbering is interrupted when Helen announces that she would like us to team up to do the deliveries.

Sioux woodend fuck buddy. Helen

We're to take books that the main library is sending to the various locations of deployed members. Black dick webcam.

Since most of the others have obviously done this before, the majority of the participants have brought their regular partners.

Helen pairs the few of us without partners.

I'm almost positive I see her wink as she asks if I will work with Nathan.

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