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It felt incredible, albeit it very shocking and invasive.

Marci, goddamn! Stop! Nope.

I think you left your ass sticking up in the air knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to pass it by, didn’t you? Be honest! I gasped again as her finger plumbed my depths, lighting up a bunch of heretofore unlit nerve endings. Jennifer lawrence sex chris pratt.

No, I didn’t! I swear… now get your damn finger out of my ass! I heard Alli giggle around Michael’s cock as she realized what Marci was doing to me.

Yeah, fucking funny, babe.

I couldn’t help it, I tensed up, my ass squeezing tightly on Marci’s invading digit.

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She released my balls just long enough to give me a stinging slap on the ass.

Relax! This will go much easier on you if you don’t tense up so much.

Easier said than done, and I felt a shudder of arousal run through me as she wriggled her finger, tickling the spongy walnut of my aching prostate. Sexgirltalk to mobile.

I was propped up on my hands and knees now, watching Alli suck Michael’s cock as his wife explored my nether regions, my wife’s wet, cum and saliva-slick pussy directly below my face.

Marci went back to stroking my cock and balls as she massaged my prostate, in this vulnerable position essentially milking me like a cow.

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She felt the shudder run through me – hard to miss, given that her finger was in me up to the last knuckle – and she laughed.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? I was honest.

Starting to, yeah.

She laughed again.

I know Michael loves it, and I thought you might too. Sex chiarelli.

I felt her finger prodding my gland.

Mmm, nice prostate you’ve got there, boss! I groaned.

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