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She reached over and cast aside the front of my robe then grabbed my cock and looked up at me with innocence in her eyes, "Daddy, let me take care of you.


She stroked my cock just inches from her mouth never taking her eyes off me.

I felt her breath as it fell upon my engorged cock and her words excited me further.

"Tell your angel that you want her daddy.

" Stunned, I couldn't form a word. Free sex text chat in authon.

I tried to tell her to stop but instead "God this feels so good" came out of my mouth.

--------------------------- Those words were all I needed.

I quickly stuck my tongue out and began licking the head of my dads cock.

It was absolutely dripping in pre-cum. Sexs chat webkam.

I never took my eyes off of him.

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The truth is, I knew much of what my dad enjoyed sexually.

I would often sneak into his room when he was out and I would look around.

I found his "collection" just a few weeks before and knew that lesbians, ass-fucking and swallowing were some of his favorites. Durant fuck buddy.

He favored titles like "teen sluts" which showed young 18 year old girls being first time whores.

The young girls always looked up with almost innocent faces.

I began to play with his balls as I let his cock deeper into my mouth.

His hands grabbed my head quickly and he stuffed his cock into my mouth. Sexy voice chat with girls.

I knew that he had lost his control once more.

He had caught me by surprised and I gagged a little but there was no way I was going to stop.

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My daddy was mine.

He fucked my face and with involuntary tears in my eyes from the gagging I still looked up at him. Felipehotx23 porno chat line.

I saw complete lust in his eyes.

"Suck daddy's cock angel.

Suck it.

Oh my God.

Suck it".

I grabbed his cock and stroked it easily since it was dripping in my saliva.

He pressed my head down deeper into his cock and my throat was invaded by hot semen.

I swallowed everything I could but I still spilled some from the sides of my mouth. What is essex famous for.

He released my head and still looking at him I took a finger to the sides of my lips and guided the cum back to my waiting tongue.

"Daddy you taste so good.

" He collapsed on the couch behind him.

"This is so wrong sweetie.

" he said.

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He had lost his conviction though. Lewisville sluts to fuck.

As those words escaped his lips I was licking his penis and cock clean.

"Maybe, but promise me it will never end daddy and I'll promise to keep you happy forever.

" I said.

With my eyes still glued to his.

My two girls were home for the holiday.

One, Amber, lived some distance away, working. Princess-g private sex web rooms free.

The other, Tanya, had been away at University, and this was the first time in almost a year that they were both home with me at the same time.

I noticed how much they had changed while they had been away, both of them more confident, more dominant.

It was only their second night home and I had enjoyed a year of having the house to myself, and not bothering to lock the bathroom door when I was in there, or even wearing clothing around the house.

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Usually, always in Summer, and once the room was warm enough in winter, I would strip off, and enjoy the feeling I get from being naked.

Which is why I was in the shower one afternoon, and the bathroom door was unlocked.

It surprised me when the door opened and Amber, the older at twenty-two, walked in. Riley reid sex porn.

I tried ignoring her, but she sat on the toilet seat watching as I lathered my body.

"I see your figure is as sexy as always," she told me, "and you even shave your pussy.

" "And why wouldn't I?" I asked her, "do you think I am too old to want to look good?" "No, of course not," she assured me, "just wondering who you are staying sexy for?" Before I could reply, her sister, Tanya, walked in.

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At nineteen she was turning into a truly sexy girl.

University life seemed to agree with her.

If I had not been her mother I would have really tried to get into her pants, but that is the punishment of being a parent.

You can look but not touch.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she asked Amber.

"Just watching Mum shower," she was told, "what do you think? Sexys latinas tijuana. Sexy enough?" Tanya studied me carefully.

"Oh yes," she replied, "very much so.

What are you thinking?" Amber smiled.

"I am thinking we could take her to her bedroom and enjoy playing with her," she said, "how about it?" Tanya smiled back at her.

"That sounds like fun," she told her sister, "think she will come along quietly?" "Does it really matter?" Amber asked her.

"two of us, one of her, and I bet we can help ourselves to what she has.

" I looked from one to the other, not sure if they were joking or not.

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I decided to play along.

"And how long have you been into women?" I asked.

"Since we read your emails and files," Tanya admitted, "you really should learn not to wander off leaving yourself logged on.

" Oh hell, this was because I had been on my own so long that I had forgotten the need for turning things off.

"So you know then that I am bi?" I asked, "and that I have been since my teen years?" "Oh yes, sexy Mummy," Amber told me, "we know a lot that we never even suspected, including your love of bondage games, group sex, and the fact that you are a sub.

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