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Brad and Mike? Yeah.

Sue called their names, although they must have heard Sylvie's request.

Mount up, boys, Sue told them, then resumed her seat.

The whole group, other than the performers, was now spread around the three large sofas, watching eagerly.

Mike stepped up to Sylvie's classically presented ass, knelt between her legs and eased his cock into her pussy. Webcam video live show.

Brad got down on his knees in front of her and she took his cock in her left hand to pop it into her mouth, then put her hand back to the floor for support.

Brad slid his cock right home in her mouth until her nose was in his pubic hair and his balls were against her chin.

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Sylvie is Eurasian, with exceptionally beautiful facial features, but, for me at least, she was even more beautiful with her cupid's bow mouth wrapped around a stiff cock and her cheeks drawn in by the vacuum as she sucked strenuously.

Mike started with long, slow strokes into her moist pussy, then gradually built up speed. Chatroulette live sex.

Brad, on the other hand, began battering her mouth right from the word go, penetrating deep into her throat with each poke.

After about ten minutes, by which time Mike was doggying Sylvie hard, he asked her, Do you take it in the ass too?

Sylvie grabbed Brad's cock to halt his face-fucking briefly, long enough to gasp out, I sure do. Ralph mi sex dating.

It's my favourite thing.

She then gobbled Brad's dick back down and he resumed porking her face.

Great, said Mike.

He pulled his cock from her pussy and went back into her through the back door.

A small sigh escaped Sylvie, despite her mouthful of cock.

That was Sylvie's equivalent of another woman's loud moan. Asking girls sex public.

She is not a noisy lover, but she fucks like a ferret in heat.

The two guys rode her like that for several minutes, then Brad said that he wanted a piece of Sylvie's lovely ass, so Mike obligingly lay down on his back, Sylvie spiked herself onto his cock, and Brad bored into her ass.

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That proved to be their final positioning.

Brad came up her ass several minutes later and Mike shot off in her pussy shortly thereafter.

Sylvie sighed blissfully each time, but she did not achieve orgasm.

She remained on her splayed knees after both guys had moved off, with her head resting on her forearms, breathing deeply. Older women looking for sex flora louisiana.

What now? Sue enquired.

Are you ready to go again or do you want a rest? I'm good to go, Sylvie affirmed.

But if you will bring me a cold beer, I'll murder it.

Then I'll get airtight.

Sue fetched her one, then resumed her seat.


Sylvie sat back on her heels, upended the bottle and chugged the whole thing in one long swallow. Group sex webcam.

I wasn't sure whether she was that thirsty or if she was just showing off.

When she had drained the last drop Sylvie held out the empty bottle in Melanie's direction and winked at her.

Mel is a quick study and she knows her friends well.

She rose to take the bottle from Sylvie's outstretched hand, then knelt beside her hips and slotted the bottle neatly into Sylvie's dripping pussy. Hannah porno.

She worked the neck all the way in, twirled the bottle a couple of times, then started fucking Sylvie with it.


Sue jumped in on the action, draining the remains of her own beer then kneeling opposite Mel and sliding her own bottle into Sylvie's ass and working it vigorously in and out. Xxx1448 one one sex chat.

Tina giggled, scooted through to the kitchen and returned with a full bottle of beer, which she handed to Sylvie.

Sylvie chugged that one down just like she had the first one, then proceeded to give the bottle a very exaggerated blowjob.

The guys all cheered the women on. Web2sex evalover1.

For the finale, Melanie and Sue jammed their two bottles all the way in until only the bases were visible in the two distended orifices, then withdrew them simultaneously.


Sylvie pantomimed her bottle coming in her mouth.

Everybody clapped.

The women all stood and took a mocking bow. Group sex video watch online.

Okay, who's getting you airtight? Melanie demanded.

Sylvie smiled devilishly.

Oh, I think I'll take your three husbands, please, she said sweetly, too sweetly.

You little cow, you're only doing this to piss us off! Melanie exclaimed, but she was smiling as she said it.

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