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And I was going to make up for lost time! Becky was the focus as well as the beneficiary of my enthusiastic hunger.

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She was mine for now and I wanted every bit of her.

I licked and sucked and chewed on her nipples and tits like I was starving and this was the first meal I'd had.


And the sad truth was, that was exactly the case.

I devoured her and she enjoyed every minute of it, moaning and squirming and positioning herself so I could get to every part of her. Jennifer lorentz porno.

I kissed her lips, I kissed and bit her soft neck, and I ravaged her soft milky globes.

Slow down, baby… we have time! she gasped, as I mauled her.


But I was too far gone to hear her.

I had slipped the bounds of a reasonable man and I had become a beast. Bong_bong wab cam sex garl sex mobal vedio.

A beast bent on only one thing - to satisfy an incredibly desperate hunger to have this woman! After I had temporarily staved off starvation by making a meal of her tits, I looked for sustenance elsewhere.

Sexy chat room with no requirement of email.