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Both of us.

' 'Who's going to know?' I reasoned, 'you're going home.

When will we see each other again anyway?' My own words took me by surprise; they stung a little.

Lisa looked wounded, as if the question dawned on her for the first time in that instant. Online sex video mp4.

She sat silently, her indignation completely overcome by a heavy sadness I had never seen in her before.


' 'What?' I exclaimed, almost alarmed in my surprise.

'Okay, you can go down on me.

I want you to.


' her voice faltered, struggling for an explanation before just letting it be.

'I just want you to.

' --- I helped her to her feet and we staggered drunkenly across the floor to the sofa, into which she fell and reclined.

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I knelt between her bronzed, unblemished legs and fumbled beneath the thin fabric of her dress to inch down a tiny, white thong.

Her body stiffened awkwardly; she was tense.

'Are you sure?' I looked up, sensing her unease.

Lisa nodded.

I gently prised apart her legs and began planting a trail of butterfly kisses along her left inner thigh. Alina8817 lokal sex videos.

She moaned softly as I brushed my coarse stubble against her soft skin, my kisses rising until stopping just short of her pussy.

Her smell was intoxicating; heady and complex, like fermented wine tempered with an earthy musk of sweat and sex.

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I breathed in greedily before blowing delicately across her vagina and extending my kisses down her other thigh.

'Don't tease,' she pleaded, arching her back and offering herself.

'Just taste me.

' Her desperation caused a heavy cloud of desire to settle in that sweet spot between my gut and my cock, which grew rock hard against the rough fabric of my jeans. Shaggy dope fuck.

I gripped her thighs and drew my face into her heat.

Her pussy was completely shaven, with neat, blush-pink folds made sleek and glistening in her wetness; it was utterly perfect.

I lapped tentatively between her labia, savouring her clean, faintly metallic taste for the first time and sucking hungrily on her throbbing clit.

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Lisa breathed hard, her fingers knotting my hair and her right hand gently pushing at my head.

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