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Ngurah’s grandmother carries on with her story.

She tells of a young botany student who visited Bali in 1985.

Oma gestures to her granddaughter.

Ngurah is twenty-five years old now.

If you look carefully at her face you will understand.

Oma smiles and gestures to Ngurah’s face. Group sex cumshot free movies.

Do you notice my granddaughter’s light caramel honey complexion and her more delicate western features? Have you noticed she has a stunning beauty that is quite unique? Everyone looks at Ngurah who is now blushing and John is amazed because of course now that it is pointed out Ngurah does not look pure Balinese at all.

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Oma continues with her tale.

In 1985 when Phineas Studman arrived in Bali I was only thirty-seven and my daughter Ida Ayu Kerug was only sixteen.

Oma chuckles to herself recalling that her daughter was born in the middle of a huge thunder storm and therefore her name Kerug or the beautiful storm. Giant brutal machine fuck.

I am sixty-three now, but of course I look much older.

I could feel Studman was a true person and was a fellow lover of orchids with deep passion.

I sent my daughter Kerug to help Phineas look for the First Time orchid since she had a feeling for these orchids and could find them when no one else could. 100 percent free sex cams.

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Issy’s mind is sent swirling by the mention of her idol’s name, Dr.

Phineas Studman, the head of the department of botany at Berkeley University and the world’s foremost expert on orchids.

Issy looks at Ngurah her eyes taking in her friend’s countenance, questions still swirling in her mind, the connection to Dr. Sexy fitness milf.

Studman still not clear to Issy.

Oma speaks softly and almost reverentially as she continues.

Well of course Kerug was a beauty at sixteen, the most beautiful of all the Brahman princesses of that time.

And in terms of locating orchids she was the very best, like Ngurah is today.

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Well Kerug did find a First Time orchid, an orchid not unlike the one we have found today.

Like this one it also had three blossoms and possessed incredible power.

Well I do not blame Phineas, he was a young student, no more than twenty-two, for who can fight against the power of the orchid? Remy lacroix porno. By the time Phineas needed to leave Bali to return to his studies Kerug was pregnant with Ngurah.

There could be no question of marriage of course.

My daughter was a princess and has responsibilities to her people here in Bali, responsibilities to the volcanoes, to the orchids.

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Phineas was young and ambitious and, well, all I can be thankful for is that Ngurah is the gift he left behind.

Oma now looks into Issy’s eyes and turns to Ngurah.

A discussion takes place in Balinese and then Ngurah turns to Issy.

My Oma has told me to tell you the following. Matilda7 sex webcam.

If you accept her proposition then you may take this orchid and keep it with you during your stay here in Bali.

The proposition is this: that when you leave Bali, you must return this orchid to Oma and never speak of it—EVER—to any other foreigners.

Ngurah then continues, The only thing we can add Isabella, is that Phineas made this very promise to my grandmother twenty-six years ago and he has never revealed the existence of the First Time orchid to anyone.

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Ever! Not even to advance his career.

Not even to become the most famous orchid botanist in history.

Ngurah turns to John.

We have allowed you to be here and would ask you, John, to make the same promise.

We know you are an honest man; my Oma can feel it in your eyes. Blacks fuck petite.

Otherwise we would have asked you to wait outside.

But Oma feels that Isabella loves you and Oma asked for you to stay and to share this with Isabella.

This will be something that will connect you forever.

Issy gazes at the delicate orchid taking in its beauty and it’s mysterious power. Creampie threesome sex.

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She reaches out and pulls the pot closer to her body, feeling some inexplicable form of energy flow into her body.

Isabella looks directly into Oma’s eyes and makes a solemn promise to her new mentor, her new guide into the world of unknown orchids.

Ngurah smiles and takes Issy’s hand and gives it a squeeze. Sexynathy kerala teen live sex in.

John’s mind meanwhile is a-swirl with the words he has just heard spoken.

Isabella loves him? Ngurah is Dr.

Studman’s daughter? John is overcome, a bit disoriented and in awe of everything that has just taken place.

John turns and nods his head towards Oma and utters his own promise to her in softly spoken reverential words.

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John feels like he has just had a true religious experience.

Not some fake religious experience concocted by institutional religions with smoke and mirrors and phony chants and prayers, gimmicky rituals performed in churches built with slave labor.

No this is an authentic experience. Chating with sexygirls.

This is an experience where you are mystically connected to the oneness and continuity of life, to the earth itself, to the driving force of reproduction, to the green fuse.

John’s mind is thrown back to his youth when he was a carefree student and could recite poetry to besotted women like no one else.

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In his mind he silently recites….

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower Drives my green age; that blasts the roots of trees Is my destroyer.

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