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His cock was rock hard and leaking, his knees trembling slightly as he waited for her to begin.

The slight poking against his ass kept his mind focused on what was to come.

The first few swats of the paddle were rather light and only served to pinken his ass cheeks; very quickly though the swats increased in intensity and he couldn’t hold back from yelping in pain.

"Do you like that, slut?" she asked after a particularly hard swat.

"Yes I do miss, thank you, miss," he answered through gritted teeth and he wasn’t lying- the copious amount of precum leaking from his dick was a proof to that.

"Mmmm that’s good my slut," she whispered in his ear, leaning over him and running her fingernails over the bruised skin of his ass cheeks, "because I really enjoy seeing your ass turn red for me.

" Fuck!

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He was willing to take a lot more knowing it was turning her on.

She returned to abusing his now very tender ass cheeks.

Her swats were even harder and he was screaming when suddenly she stopped and he felt cooling lube being applied on his raw skin. Teen cocksuckers asian fucktoys.

She was slowly massaging it into his skin in circular motions and he moaned and cooed appreciatively.

After a few minutes he felt the lube applied to his ass hole and he caught his breath, waiting to feel the pressure of her penetrating him.

"You did good, my slut," she told him as she first pushed a finger into him to prepare him for what was to happen next, "and now you're going to have your tight little ass stretched.

" "Oh yes miss, thank you so much," he cooed and pushed his hips back onto her invading finger, which was causing him so much pleasure already.

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She pulled her finger out and placed the tip of the huge silicone cock at his entrance, applying steady pleasure.

Slowly but surely his muscle started opening up to welcome the intruder.

His mouth gaped open in a continuous moan and his head lolled as she pushed in deeper and deeper. Hd animal sex.

It hurt but the pain was tinged with pleasure.

He felt as though it took forever until she finally bottomed up and the huge cock filled him so completely.

"How does it feel, slut?" she asked as she let him adjust and relax his muscles around the toy.

"It's so big miss, I feel like it's trying to split me but it's so good at the same time.

" Her arm circled his body and her fingers closed around his cock, making him jerk his hips forward into her hand.

"Such an eager slut, aren’t you?" she laughed and gripped his hard member tighter.

"Yes I am, miss.

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Please miss can you fuck your eager slut?" he begged, desperate to feel the pleasure.

She started moving in and out of him, going slow but deep, each time pulling out almost completely before pushing back in up to the hilt.

She was stretching him and building up a rhythm. Woman looking sex belleville.

One of her hands was holding his hip while the other went to his hair, pulling his head back and making him arch his back, helping her fuck him harder and faster.

His ass was stretched to the limit as she pumped her hips in and out.

"Start jerking off now slut, and don’t you dare cum," she ordered.

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He wrapped his fingers around his cock, which leaked precum copiously, and slowly teased himself while she kept fucking him in strong strokes.

His body felt over sensitized, every sense heightened and every nerve on edge.

"Mmmm you look so good like this my slut," she growled as her hips moved even faster.

"Ahhh!! Free sex 1on1 video chat rooms. Thank you miss," he moaned excitedly, happy to be complimented by her.

After a few more minutes of being fucked while he jerked his cock and he felt like he couldn’t take anymore, he was afraid he'd cum any second.

"Mistress please, I need to cum so much," he begged, hoping she would let him.

"Not yet slut, I have other plans for you," she said as she gave his bruised ass a hard slap that made him recoil.

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He gritted his teeth and willed himself to not cum, to not piss her off again when suddenly he felt that his ass was empty and she wasn’t standing close to him anymore.

"Straighten up and stop jerking slut," she ordered.

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