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I've got feelings for both of you, but you must remember that it's Robert whom I love.

I love the time I have with both you and Carol, but Robert is the one whom I share my life with.

You must remember this, if nothing else.

" "I know that, Jayne.

I just have to get used to sharing you with her.

" "Zach, sharing means just that, sharing. Adult porno video site.

There's no reason why we can't share everything with her.

Have you given any thought to the three of us being together? I'd like that very much, being with the two of you.

" Jayne allowed her robe to come open, exposing her breasts to Zach.

"Imagine what it could be like, fucking both of us.

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I'm getting wet just thinking about you fucking me while I eat her pussy.

" Zach fondled her erect nipples.

"One step at a time, my dear.

Let me get used to her being in this picture at all before I even think about something like that.

" But Zach was thinking about Carol. Webcam cam masturbation solo.

He wondered what she would be like in bed.

Probably a wildcat, he thought.

He put that thought to the back of his mind so that he could concentrate on Jayne.

She deserved his undivided attention, not to mention his growing cock.

Jayne unbuckled Zach's belt and unbuttoned his trousers.

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She wanted his cock and she wasn't being shy about it.

As she freed his thick tool from it's confinement she smiled.

She was ready and needed to feel this dick in her cunt, now.

Zach protested that Jayne was going too fast, but she wasn't listening.

She took his cock out of his pants and proceeded to ride him, slipping his cock into her already wet pussy. Free milf picture sex.

Within seconds she was gasping as she rode up and down on his erect pole.

"Oh, God, Zach.

Fill me up.

Fuck me baby.

" She needed it and she got it.

She was horny and decided she needed to cum quickly.

He wouldn't be able to cum, but he filled her need right now.

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She fucked him for all he was worth.

Zach figured that Jayne needed to cum, so he would help her along.

His thrusts met hers and he rammed his cock into her cunt with brute force.

He kissed and suckled her nipples as he fucked her, hoping to make her cum.

"Fuck me, Jayne," he told her.

"Fuck me hard. Saint clairsville wife looking for sex.

Come on, fuck me, you want me, so fuck me.

" Jayne started cumming all over his cock, the pleasure washing over her in waves.

"Oh Zach, I'm cumming.

Fill my cunt with your cream, baby.

Fill me up.

Oh, yes, oh yes!" Zach grunted as he fucked her, but there would be no cumming for him.

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He simply wasn't ready.

That was good for her, though.

He would cum later and it would be like a geyser.

Jayne began to slow down as her orgasm peaked and ebbed.

She needed the release and she got it.

She hugged Zach and kissed him as she came down from her sexual high.

"Baby, oh baby, you were the best. Adult sex in independence oregon.

Now let me take care of you, sugar.

" Jayne climbed up on her knees and got off Zach's still-hard cock.

She quickly took him into her mouth, sucking and slurping on his mammoth dick, her tongue licking and exploring the slit on the head of his huge cock.

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Zach was surprised at Jayne's sudden oral assault on his tool, so much so that he found himself aroused by her technique.

She always gave him good head, but tonight she seemed hungry for him, taking him down her throat and using her teeth to drive him wild. Webcam for girls.

She was doing that, for sure.

He was getting ready to blow a big load in her mouth.

And just as quickly, Jayne took his cock out with a loud "plop" and began to lick his balls.

Zach moaned his approval as she tongue-bathed his scrotum.

Before Zach could get comfortable, however, Jayne was off in another direction, and this time she pushed his legs back in order to get a better angle at Zach's ass.

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She began to lick around Zach's anus as she spread his cheeks with her hands.

"Oh Jayne, that's just, ohh, oh God.

" The pleasure he was feeling as Jayne licked the outside of his ass was incredible.

He had never had anyone lick him there, and Jayne was making the most of it. Girls mob no for sexchat.

When she inserted her tongue he thought he would lose his mind, the pleasure was so great.

As Jayne dived deep into Zach's anus, she used her free hand to stroke his cock.

Zach was twitching and moaning.

Licking a man's ass was nothing new to her, but when she did it to someone with no experience, it gave her such delight.

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Those who had never had this done usually came within seconds.

Zach was holding his own, but she would eventually coax him into blowing his load.

and judging from his shaking and twitching, it wouldn't take long.

Zach couldn't stand it any longer.

Jayne was making him squirm with delight and his orgasm would be coming fast. Webcam dili erotic.

He could feel it building up from deep inside.

"Jayne, oh God, Jayne here it comes!" As Zach said that, Jayne pulled her tongue out of his ass and began sucking his cock feverishly.

The first spurts of his cum hot the back of her throat and she took it down her throat without so much as a taste.

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The rest of his load would be thicker and creamier.

She would savor it as she took it.

And just then, Zach began to fill Jayne's mouth with his thick, hot seed.

He came and came, wondering how she could hold it all in.

Jayne was swallowing as fast as she could, yet Zach kept cumming.

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