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Thanks, he added awkwardly.

It’s okay, said his mother, affectionately rubbing his chest and planting a kiss on his cheek.

The next video on the computer screen was something the likes of which James had not seen before.

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V’, and was essentially a series of POV shots of men having their cocks sucked off to orgasm by beautiful women.

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It was dirty, the cum oozed out of throbbing cocks, sometimes trickling down their sides, while on other occasions smearing themselves on the women’s faces and bodies. Russkiy sex chat besplatno.

This was something Susan had specifically taken out more to see her son’s reaction, than because it was her own preference.

James’s cock was beginning to feel even more alive and ready, when he felt his mother’s hand on his back.

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You know James, you should learn to take your time with it, he heard her say.

But, I’m… I… I really need to cum, mom, protested James.

Here, let me… can I? Oh… okay.

Susan touched her son’s throbbing cock with three of her fingers and slowly drew his foreskin entirely back.

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