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He was a scum bag, an asshole.

And he could find somebody else to suck his dick for him, for all she cared.

But today, on this bright Sunday morning, she merrily gulped down twelve ounces of water.

She even managed a wink and a smile, with her lips still clamped around the bottle opening. Watch sex and the city movie online free hd.

Fitz reflected on this remarkable transformation and contemplated the folly of hoping to ever truly comprehend this creature.

He was reminded of a passage from a Saul Bellow novel.

How did it go? Men will never understand what women want.

What do they want? Vaauu71 webcam.

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They eat green salad and drink human blood.

Deirdre leaned back against the counter, balled up the plastic bottle in her fist, and flicked her wrist.

Two points.

Deirdre drew a hand across the sticky-slimy perspiration in the hollow of her throat.

She inspected it on her fingertips. Finland free sex sluts.

So… you’re telling me you’re hungry? She grinned and turned one knee invitingly outward.

Men are so easy to screw with, she thought.

Fitz stepped toward her with big chocolate eyes.

She had a fleeting notion that he actually might devour her.

Her gaze dropped to the threadbare cotton pajama bottoms he refused to discard.

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She caught the amorphously tumid, swaying outline of his ‘thaaang’.

That’s what she liked to call it whenever Fitz walked naked around the bedroom.

She thought it was cute that her teasing embarrassed him.

At the moment, he wasn’t hard; not nearly.

But there was definitely something going on beneath the flimsy fabric. Privat blackluna sex chat.

Deirdre was never shy about looking him over and she didn’t care that he noticed.

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