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Sandra changed tactics then.

While keeping her fingers moving in Joan’s vagina, she took her other hand and pulled one of Joan’s legs over her shoulder to get at her anus.

She pushed her face into Joan’s behind and lavishly kissed and licked and sucked her there. Free sex online chat with dance.

The combination of finger and tongue seemed to be just what was wanted.

Joan was squirming.

It was clear that Joan’s moment was arriving! Sandra’s fingers were going in and out of Joan feverishly; her tongue was reaming her back hole.

Suddenly, Joan erupted. Sport sex tube.

She screamed, Fuck me; fuck me! She came, and came again; each orgasm apparently getting stronger, followed by a few smaller ones.

When they stopped, Sandra’s fingers came out and her hand seemed to be drenched from Joan’s juices.


With her legs still wide open, Joan exclaimed, That was sensational! Sex cams online ipad. Sandra reached over and planted lingering kisses on Joan’s very wet vagina, licking her several times as we watched less than a foot away.

She turned to us and we saw a victorious and sexually gratified look on Sandra’s face.

And then she shifted her body on the bed for my man’s benefit. Nudemilitary cams sex without subscription.

Scooting up to sit up against the headboard, she spread her legs and then brought them up so that her feet were flat on the mattress.

My man could easily see Sandra’s entrance glistening from playing with herself and loving Joan’s body.

I looked as intently as he did. Watch sex and the city online season 5.


Looking straight into his eyes, Sandra took her hands and slowly widened her vagina so he could see deep inside.

I’m pretty sure he was tempted to lean over and lick her.

I am glad he didn’t.

Her motivation for doing this, I believe, was to provide him every opportunity to see a woman in all her intimate glories! Sadult firend findersex chat video. Joan left the bed and came to me.

As she approached, I could see love juices shining bright on her inner thighs and pubic hair.

She leaned forward so that her breasts hung down only inches away from my face.

In the gay days I would have reached over and sucked them. Webcam masturbating video.

She moved my legs apart and then very briefly slid her hand up and down my wet pubic hair and vagina.


I felt her middle finger pressing on my entrance as she did.

At the same time, she took the index finger on her other hand and scooped up cum that had seeped out of the slit on the top of my man’s penis. Www canada sexy video live.

She licked it off.

Both acts done as if to say: Thanks for inviting me.

Somehow, I felt those two gestures were appropriate.

In my mind, the magic of this evening made everything we did suitable and pleasurable.

What was done for my man – and certainly to me - fit in with my attitude that there are no barriers in love-making – as long as there is no physical or emotional pain involved. Dirtiest sexchat.

Joan took Sandra with her to the bathroom.

As they went, Joan said: Both of you get back on the bed crossways and spread your legs when we return with washcloths.


We did as we were told and reveled in this amazing experience that had turned fantasy into a reality – at least that is what we told each other later that night. Kimandkathy free mobile webcam girls.

The girls returned with soapy wet wash cloths and dry towels; we spread our legs.

Joan explained, I know you’ll shower, but we want one more treat by washing you.

She worked on my man and Sandra serviced me.

They lifted our legs straight up to clean off the residue of sex on and around our front and rear openings. Sexy melody.

It was no ordinary washing.

My, oh my, how sensual were her cleansing touches! Ooh! And I could hear him murmuring pleasurable sounds, too.

I felt very sexy and happy, and decided it was a nice way to end this extraordinary love session.


When they finished, Joan and Sandra performed their own ablutions. Lesbian fingering webcam.

However, they washed each other’s private parts in ways that were highly sensual.

Good for them, I thought.

Their legs spread as they dealt with each other’s vagina and backside.

Moving breasts and moving hands and various sexy exposures were the order of the moment. Iphone 121 cam sex chat.

I noticed his fascination at the showing of their shapely bodies so intimately.

These two, despite being gay, knew that a pretty woman’s nakedness – no matter what she is doing - turns on a man.

Afterwards and still undressed, we each poured ourselves a nightcap. Sexe chatcame.

The energy generated the past few hours was very much present.


I believe it caused us ladies, as we sipped our drinks, to independently pull our legs up onto our chairs and expose the essence of our womanhood.

What a sexual sight we must have been for him to see three highly gratified vaginas staring him in the face! Jane cane porno. Drinks finished, Joan and Sandra dressed.

He watched them as they put on and adjusted their bras and pantyhose and then their outer clothing.

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