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She was already supposed to spank you, now you will get so much more Oh god, Sylvia please don’t, she said now panicking.

I glared at her.

She reached back and undid her bikini top, her breasts spilled out as she removed the bikini bra.

She then pulled her bikini bottoms down stepping out of them. Poppycat bangalore girls for online sex chst.

Finally she put her hands on her head and looked at me with tears in those big brown eyes.

Good girl, I walked over and picked up her pink bikini underwear.

Open your mouth.

Her eyes grew huge and she began to protest.

As soon as she opened her mouth to talk I shoved the pink panties in her mouth. Valeriehunt free no sign up live porn webcam.

We don’t need you screaming in a hotel do we honey?

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That big eyed bitch shook her head side to side.

She looked adorable with her big teary eyes her scared look, and her own beautiful pink panties stuffing her mouth.

Get on the bed now, I ordered.

Makaela put her hands on the edge of the bed, she then spread her legs and bent fully over. Sex lobby chat rooms.

I expected her to present her bottom for me like she did for her mother, and she didn’t disappoint.

I went to her closet and took out her own stylish and expensive belt.

I folded the belt and tapped it on Makaela’s bottom.

Then I raised it and brought it down hard on her fat bottom. Caught sex tape.

CRACK mmmhhhhmhhh.

I smiled at her muffled scream, and raised the belt.


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I bet you're sorry now huh baby? I asked and I was answered with a sob.

I administered strokes of the belt in threes, until I reached 22.

All I could hear was muffled weeping. Webcame xxx.

She was bouncing from one foot to another on her high heels trying to cool the sting.

Her bottom was a pretty red, it looked nice and very sore.

I picked up the hairbrush and said, "Get up Makaela.

She got up and put her hands on her head.

Her face was streaked with tears, and drool soaked the panties in her mouth. Sex gillette wyoming amateur.

She looked at the hairbrush in my hand and made muffled sobbing sounds.

I sat on the bed and although sobbing she obediently laid over my lap.

I was going to have my revenge for every time this bitch condescended me and made me feel ashamed of who I am.

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I raised the brush high, and brought it down hard on her sore right cheek.

The cheek bounced deliciously, and Makaela’s head flew up.

She lifted her leg as her bottom stung.

I began to spank hard and fast.

Her bottom cheeks were so bouncy, and I loved it. Solo webcam gay.

I brought the brush down everywhere on her bottom.

Even on her thick thighs especially on the spot where her bottom turned to her thigh.

Makaela was desperately thrashing around, but I was much stronger than her and held her properly.

Her silk hair was everywhere as her head thrashed around. Chatsex24 net.

She was thrashing her legs as hard as she could causing one of her black heels to fly off of her foot.

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All I could hear from her were slightly loud, MMMMHHMMGGMMMSHHHMMM!!! Her bottom was reddening nicely, but I had no intention of stopping anytime soon. Usa sexgrills vidow.

After about 7 minutes Makaela was thrashing as hard as she could.

Obviously it couldn’t last and she fully tired herself out.

Her body looked so sweet glistening in sweat.

Soon she completely gave up and could only lie and take her punishment.

I spanked her for a good 20 minutes. Skype free video sex online com.

Finally her bottom had reached a red I was happy with.

I stopped I’m not sure she knew it was over.

I gave her 15 minutes to get those chest heaving sobs under control.

I admired my work, such a bruised red bottom.

She wouldn’t be sitting for a week.

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Get up, hands on her head. Philippine sexchat sites.

She slowly and gingerly got up.

I looked at the great and amazing god of beauty now.

Her face was puffy, and her eyes big and red from crying.

Water ran from her nose into her lip gloss.

Her lower face was covered in drool and leaked down her, chin and face. Sexy photos of sexy women.

I loved how pathetic and degraded she now looked.

Turn around let’s see that big ass you’re so proud of, I said smiling.

Her bottom and upper thighs were so red.

I smiled, put your hands behind your back.

I took two flower nipple covers and put them on her breast's nipples. House wife self webcam sex chat.

Then I threw her one of her own string thongs.

Put it on Makaela.

" She did as she was told.

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Just like that go down to the hotel lobby, then walk all the way across the boardwalk and back.

She let out a MMMHHHHHH as a pleading no.

It sounded like a please no. Sexy kitty video.

There were panties stuffed in her mouth.

She was only wearing flowers over her nipples and her underwear only covered her vagina, the string rode all the way up her butt.

Her huge red, bruised and very sore bottom completely on display.

She was basically naked and completely humiliated. Porno nude people.

Go down the elevator and walk across the boardwalk NOW! I said opening the door.

Her head down in shame, she walked into the hall.

Then she walked into the elevator.

That bitch will remember this for the rest of her life, I thought.

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This should put that stuck up girl in her place. Teen on webcam with dog.

Daddy… are you awake??? Daddy?? I stirred long enough under my warm duvet to mutter a half assed good morning to my daughter as the sun tried to pry my eyes open.

I had been out celebrating my forty-fifth birthday with a few of the guys from work the night before and had not gotten into bed until damn near three. Sophiahot free sex chat with matures absolutely no registering.

The clock on the night stand said that it was thirteen past nine.

As far as I knew, it was still only Saturday and I had not slept through the entire weekend like I did last year on my birthday.

But that is another story in itself.

My little girl was still looking at me from the foot of the bed expectantly.

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C’mon dad, wake up.

Bailey said I have your breakfast cooking and your birthday gift wrapped in the kitchen.

My fuzzy brain kicked in a bit more and I tried to focus on my little girl.

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