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Time froze for Lisa for a good few seconds that felt like a lifetime.

Mona was standing in front of her; her eyes were heavy and had a hint of red.

Apart from a naughty smirk, there was nothing she was wearing underneath.

Mona, what is this.

Who is this guy and why are you not wearing anything for God’s sake? Sexysuzy australian pornstars sms online chat. Lisa mumbled, mustering her lost voice.

Suddenly the man grabbing her from behind pulled her closer and whispered in her ears.

You have the right to remain silent Lisa; anything you say can be used against you in the game of love.

The husky voice, mingled with the strong scent of cigar, made a perfect sense to Lisa now. Video sex online 3gp.

It was Kevin standing behind her.

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We have been wanting you and loving you for so long Lisa and can’t see you so much in pain of someone who cares nothing about you.

Mona took Lisa’s right hand and placed it over her firm and perky breast, with her big beige nipples hardening against the silky touch of Lisa’s hand. Cpermokrul tamil livesex chat.

And so we decided to play this little game with you.

You can choose who you want.

If you don’t wish to continue, you may please leave now.

We are sorry if we hurt you but we didn’t intend to.

Kevin kept on gently whispering with his lips traveling up and down on Lisa’s neckline and her earlobes. Indian sex webcams.

Lisa wriggled out of Kevin’s grip and this time, he easily loosened his clasped fingers.

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She realized Kevin disappeared to get into the black satin robe he was wearing now.

How dare you can think I would choose one of you through this weird game you are playing on me for a week now guys? Fuckbuddy text dating in alberta. Lisa hissed with anger as she glared at them with piercing looks.

Kevin and Mona shrugged and sighed, looking back at her with sheepish looks; as if trying to tell her all they wanted was to see her happy.

It’s my time to take the revenge officer and young lady! Watch sex and the city online the movie. Lisa walked and stood right between them.

I am choosing to go with both of you, she said as her face flushed with anger slowly turned into a wicked smile.

The trio got together into a closer huddle, touching and kissing each other.

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Mona slowly rubbed her lips on Lisa’s as Kevin took off her coat. Virginialove free sex webcam.

They walked slowly towards the fireplace.

As Lisa and Mona kissed deeply, Kevin unbuttoned her shirt from behind and caressed her smooth tummy.

Mona lied on her tummy and pulled Lisa over her, with their lips still locked in a wet smooch.

As their tongues played hide and seek inside their warm mouths, Kevin unzipped her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. Singles wanting sex.

Unhooking the bra, he flung it open with a quick move, letting her big peaches bounce out.

The room was starting to fill with moans and sighs filled with pleasure.

As Lisa rubbed her face all over Mona’s perky milky jugs, Kevin slipped his big palms underneath her lacy pink panties and kneaded her big and bouncy ass buns.

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Lisa ground her hips with pleasure over Kevin’s firm palms and started to lick Mona’s rock hard nipples; who was already writhing in ecstasy.

Lisa turned over to face Kevin, as she got on her all four.

Mona crawled slowly behind her and pulled her soaking panties down to her knees. Can you fuck long time 23 eindhoven 23.

Lisa was busy pulling Kevin’s robe down to unleash his rock hard manhood to spring out.

Kevin clutched Lisa’s hair in his fist as she cupped his big smooth balls and kissed the base of his throbbing cock.

Mona slowly caressed the neatly trimmed bush of Lisa and kissed her meaty and wet rosebuds. Sex chat sights.

Lisa arched her body like an aroused tigress as she slowly cupped her lips over the fat girth of Kevin’s shaft and swirled her tongue over its tip, oozing with pre-cum.

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Mona sank her face into Lisa’s tight cunt and started to lick it up and down.

As Kevin’s hard cock slowly got sucked into Lisa’s deft mouth, he swiftly lied on the floor and crawled himself to position his head right between Mona’s legs. Maya88 webcam xxx skype.

Looking at his hungry face, Mona slowly opened her thighs and a streak of thick juice trickled down from her slippery pussy.

Kevin raised his hips up to ram his cock in Lisa’s mouth while his palms squeezed Mona’s ass cheeks hard and long.

Their sweaty bodies glistened like Greek gods in the golden glow of the fire as they munched on each other’s cookies like hungry wolves. Alexxxjunee camera wala xxx sex.

Kevin milked Mona’s perky tits as he felt his balls filling with his thick cum.

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Honey, Baby, I am so hard for you.

Take me now.

Kevin screamed with pleasure as his body shivered with each stroke of Lisa’s tongue on his shaft.

Inside me please, darling.

Lisa said as she dribbled a big load of her saliva on her palm and dabbed it over her wet slit. Sex chat houston.

Her big breasts heaved as she cupped and fondled them to tease Kevin.

Kevin pulled his dripping cock out of Lisa’s mouth as he crouched over her and shoved it inside her hungry pussy that quickly sucked it inside the warm love hole.

Mona was in no mood to miss the fun as she sat with her thighs parted wide over Lisa’s face, letting her gaping pussy smear all over her lips and cheeks. Mallu live sex video.

Lisa happily shoved her tongue deep inside Mona’s parted lips, licking off her warm oozing juices.

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Lisa neared her orgasm as Kevin lifted her legs up & wide, fucking her harder.

Mona closed her eyes with pleasures as she felt the swift fingers and tongue all over & inside her pussy. Asian webcam.

Kevin stroked a big last big shove as he spurted thick white cum all inside Lisa’s slippery cunt and over her bush.

Mona soon followed, letting her fingers rub her clit hard to finish what Lisa’s tongue started and simmered up.

They slumped hard and over each other as Kevin squeezed rest of her cum over Mona’s tits and face. Mnogoporno net.

Lisa closed her eyes with absolute mirth and smiled with content.

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