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Feeling her body suffused with warmth, Penny gave out a deep heartfelt kiss of gratitude.

Together they eased her from that exultant peak, letting her luxuriate in her reward.

They lingered on each other's lips as Harry slowly fucked her weakly spasming sex. Sport sex free.

Pausing to a stop, Penny eased off him making his cock slap back against his body.

Standing up with the latex dress a mere band across her midriff, she towered over the girl.

Penny rubbed her own sex.

It churned her insides; far from sated as she let them watch her auto-arousal. Black tgirl webcam.

I saw that gesture you made; you want to eat my cunt do you?

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The girl looked up and nodded meekly.

Gesturing for her to inch closer, Penny could feel her warm breath against her own flushed sex.

So do you have a name? Erm, Lisa.

I’m Lisa.

Well, ‘erm Lisa, I’m Lisa. Sativa rose sex.

Here it is.

Clasping Lisa’s head and turning to look at Harry, she thrust her sex forward.

Gasping incredulously, Harry watched as Penny’s facial expression showed him that she had made contact.

Sitting up to watch intently, Lisa took to her with a soft determination that clattered his senses. Sex cam chat666.

With a low moan, feeling the repeated snap of Lisa’s soft velvet tongue on her clit, she looked to him.

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You like it don’t you, Harry? She smiled happily between a heartfelt groan as he nodded.

I told you I would let her eat my cunt.

Lisa’s attentiveness fed the craving in Penny’s body; her sensitive clit shot mighty waves of electricity into her. Arintta saudi porno on cam.

Instinctively, her hips writhed, pressing Lisa’s mouth to her wanton sex.

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