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Each day we finished up around noon and Cece made me another of her fabulous lunches. After lunch we sat on the porch talking, and drinking some of her great sweet tea. She told me what happened to her husband and how it changed her life.

She now owned the farm free and clear. Russian mistress porno. They had bought insurance on the mortgage at closing, and it paid off the mortgage balance.

The trucking company had to shell out big bucks. Her lawyer was able to negotiate enough money to equal what her husband would have earned over the years. The insurance company lawyers fought back, but then advised their boss that in court, it would go against them. Superstarshin free live sex video without download.

It was probably the least costly route to just pay up. Cece didn't tell me the amount, and I really didn't want to know.

She asked a lot of questions about my life. She wanted to know how my girlfriend felt about me being gone all summer. I told her about our breakup. Free adult webcam chat. That I didn't really like having one girlfriend. I like to date more than one at any time.

"Player?" she asked. Kinda sounds like it. "

"No way, it's just a date. I don't ask anything of a girl. We had a good time and maybe a week or two later we would go on another date. Karolina1908 sex. I'm not exclusive with any girl. "

She told me about her dating in high school.

She liked to date a boy for a few dates and then move on to the next one also.

That is until she met the boy that she would marry. He was a senior and she was a junior. They dated exclusively until they married. Hot college pussy fucked. She grew up living in a small town, he grew up on a farm just outside city limits.

After he graduated high school, he worked and saved his money, until he had the down payment for this farm. They married about a year after she graduated. He wanted her to make sure she didn't want to continue on with college. Twoway sexcams.

She loved the farm life so much that she was sure it was her calling.

"I still love the farm and all the hard work. Sometimes like this week, I'm overwhelmed and cannot do it all. If baled hay sits in the rain and gets wet, I can lose it.

You working here this week has helped me a lot. "

After we quit for the day, she gave me a check that more than enough paid for my work.

"Cece, you've paid me too well. Situs video call sex. I don't need this much. "

"Take it, I insist, you earned every dollar. I wish I could find another man as good as you, I'd hire him on the spot. "

"Thank you, Cece. You are a good boss. Heck, I'd work for free as long as you fed me those lunches. "

I stood up to leave, Cece stood up and walked me to my pickup. Chat sexy turk mature. She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. "I might need help later on this summer, will you help me?"

"Anytime," I said as I got in my pickup. "And thanks again for the check. "

I drove off and headed to my aunt and uncle's farm.

July came and I helped Cece combine the oat crop. Juicytitshot fuck chat cam. That only took a couple days. She paid me well, but that was hot and sweaty work. I helped again with some heavy work off and on in August.

Uncle Bill decided to drop his dairy business and cash crop only next year. A dairy farmer bought all his cows and would rent his barn and milking equipment until he could move them to his farm.

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