Overcoming sexual temptations.

Overcoming sexual temptations. stood up and took off

Then she grabbed a pool cue, turned to me and slowly chalked the tip.

"Let's play," I said as I got another cue. I went to the other end of the table, placed the cue ball and set myself to break.

"Wait," Jo said. "I want a prize if I win. "

"Oh, yeah, like what?" I replied. Live wap cam sex.

Jo grinned, ran her hands up and down the pool cue and said, "If I win, I want that big cock of yours up my arse.

You must fuck me up the arse. "

"Ok," I said and went to break.

"Wait," Jo said again. "What do you want for winning?"

I thought for a second. "Tell you what, we'll play strip pool. Guns gif with sexy woman. And, if I win, I'll have a surprise for you. Deal?"

"Deal," said Jo.

I broke the balls, and immediately one went down.

Overcoming sexual temptations. said
I looked up at Jo, smiled, and she promptly removed a shoe, wiggling her bare foot in the air. I soon potted two more balls, so off came the other shoe, and the blouse which revealed those perfect little breasts, and stunning, hard nipples. Jasmin84 webcam solo sex live no membership.

I missed the next shot so I could just watch her bent over the table, that arse pointed out, and those nipples nearly touching the table. This was the most fun game of pool that I had ever played. Jo potted two balls with one shot.

"Get them off," she said. Tinypinay sex cam vids. So, I sat down and took off my shoes. I took a swig of beer, downed a shot of vodka and sat back to enjoy the view.

Jo took another shot and missed.

Overcoming sexual temptations. said
I rose and potted another ball. I didn't have to say a thing. She put the cue down, and slowly slipped out of her trousers. Ass fuck petite teen. What a beautiful sight, those breasts, that neatly trimmed bush, those lithe legs, and that peachy arse. I was hard again, and wanted to get to the end of the game. I missed the next shot, allowing Joe to have to play a shot from right in front of the drinks table. Syskata1 indonesia sex girl chat vzo. I sat there and gazed at this delicious sight before, Jo bent over the table in all her glory. Jo giggled, and wiggled her naked arse. As she was about to take her shot I gave her right cheek a slap.

Amazingly, she still potted a ball.

She stood upright, turned to me and said, "Its your turn to take something off, I do believe. "

I stood up and took off my shirt.

"That's more like it," Jo said as she moved round the table for her next shot.

Overcoming sexual temptations. said
Bongacams free sex chat in mobile. She bent down, shot and missed. I took another swig of beer, and then proceeded to clear the rest of my balls into the table's pockets. Jo downed another shot vodka, and sat down.

"So, you win.

What have I got to do?" Jo whispered, smiling.

I pushed her remaining balls to one end of the table. "We're going to play a new game. Porn webcam 2bigass. Lay on the table and spread your legs wide," I said. Without a word, Jo obliged.

"I hope this isn't going to hurt," she said, as she laid back and spread her legs, leaving the bottom half of her legs hanging off the table.

"Not much, just enough," I said. Lovetime2 porno. I placed the cue ball near her right thigh, and lined up the other balls near the cushion. "I'll call it Pussy Target".

Overcoming sexual temptations. said

Jo giggled, "Don't hit them too hard, for God's sake!"

I held the cue against her thigh and gently stroked the first shot, letting the smoot wooden cue glide over her thigh.

Overcoming sexual temptations.