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Sally was looking embarrassed for her friend, but Susan smiled at me.

As soon as I heard how Susan maintained control in her house I was certain that reintroducing spanking in our house was exactly what my daughter needed.

Well she will be getting one spanking, right now. Live sex bonga.

Maybe more will follow.

I started to spank her.

Clare was squirming around on my lap and I thought was struggling to cope.

I was so surprised when Susan told me "I spank much harder than that.

Let me show you.

Susan walked over to me and pointed to Clare’s bottom. Teen has orgasm on webcam and lucky guy.

You see all of this area has to be bright red when you have finished so you will need to spank much harder.

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Susan put her hand on Clare’s bottom and Clare let out a don’t.

I knew Clare would be thinking perhaps Susan was treating her too much like a little girl. Katie morgan anal sex.

Do you mind young lady Susan snapped, and then looked at me and asked may I? Of course.

With that Susan lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Clare’s right bottom cheek and was rewarded by a loud gasp, followed by five more hard spanks on alternate bottom cheeks and five more gasps. Katie holmes sex scene.

Susan said sternly Please don’t speak whilst you are under punishment Clare as it invariably gets you a second spanking later on.

Clare sobbed, but accepted the instruction.

Susan continued OK, why don’t you spank her like that.

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Make it really count. Real live sex tapes.

I took up the cudgels and spanked Clare much harder than before and I had to admit I was getting a huge amount of satisfaction from punishing my daughter, rather more satisfaction than she was getting I reckoned.

I stopped after a few dozen spanks only for Susan to say that’s not nearly enough. Watch online sex movies.

Her bottom needs to be really red.

I spank Clare for a good 15 minutes.

I also find that 15 minutes corner time afterwards is good thinking time.

" Nodding I spanked her hard for the 15 minutes suggested and her bottom really was very red.

Clare was crying loudly. Random online cam sex no registration.

At the end I rubbed her bottom to help calm her down, and whilst Clare was still crying I asked Susan What other reasons do you spank Sally for?

One night stands webcam japan com. Susan
Oh I don’t have set reasons.

I adopt the true mother daughter relationship and simply decide when she needs to be spanked, and then spank her. Kazyavka111 the live sexweb.

There is no discussion, just knickers down and away I go.

When Clare’s crying reverted to sobs I told her to get up.

She stood in front of me, her hands by her side as according to Susan rubbing was not yet permitted until she was told she could.

Susan and I were talking about her, not with her though. Sexy webcam anal.

Susan said it’s important to me that friends of Sally are well behaved.

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