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Her hair had slicked back on her head and she smiled as she walked towards me.

As she approached, her breasts came into view.

I sat there with a shoe in my hand, staring at her as she came closer.

The water seemed to melt away from her body.

I watched droplets gather in that sweet underside curve of her breasts, then to slowly drip off onto her belly. Sex textchat free no reg.

She giggled and said, "Are you just going to stare at me all day, or are you going to undress and get in the pool?" I awoke out of my stupor and said, "Ummm, yeah, I'll be right there.

" I kicked off my other shoe, tossed my socks on the ground, and stood up.

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As I was doing this, Emily was reaching down into the water.

She came up holding her bikini bottom around her finger and twirling it in the air.

"I won't wear mine, if you won't wear yours," she said with a mischievous grin.

"I'm going to get a beer, do you want one?" "Sure," I replied, watching closely as she stepped out of the pool. Www sex online ru.

Emily was naked, standing in front of me, with water cascading down her body.

She suddenly stepped forward, and slid my shorts and underwear down in one movement.

The way that she was bent forward while doing that, she was nearly hit in the face by my cock as it popped free from my shorts.

"Mmmmmm," she whispered.

"Why don't you rinse all of this sweat off in the pool and then come over there and have your way with me.

" She was pointing toward another lounge chair that was in the shade.

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She gave my cock a soft tug and turned away from me, heading toward the house.

"I'll have your beer waiting for you," she said.

I watched her ass jiggle as she sauntered away from me.

She turned her head, knowing that I was watching her, and smiled.

As hard as it was to do, I turned away from the view of Emily walking and I dove into the pool. Chatroulette sexting.

The cool water felt so wet and refreshing.

The chill of the water did nothing to diminish the rock-hard erection that Emily had caused.

I swam around for a minute to rinse off the dust, sweat and debris that I had picked up while mowing the yard.


When I finally stood up, the first thing I did was to look around and orient myself so I could see Emily. Nikaxxx indian free sex chat with foreigners.

There she was, stretched out on the lounge chair.

The chair was in a slight reclining position, and she was on her back, watching me as I swam.

She had her lovely legs crossed at the ankles.

Her breasts were so perfect.

Emily's breasts were smooth and tanned, topped with slightly erect, pinkish nipples. Boys with girls sex gifs.

Her long brown hair flowed out behind her, across her shoulders and slightly across her chest.

She was perfect.

If you've ever walked naked towards a woman lying down, you know how awkward it is to approach her with a hard cock.


My cock seemed to point the way, attempting to get there before I did. Livesex webcam.

It bounced and waved with each step.

I stopped a few steps away from her and admired her lovely nude body.

Emily giggled as she looked up at my hard cock.

"I'm glad you brought along your friend," she said with a smile.

"I can tell he's enjoying himself.

" "I can't believe I'm even asking this while looking down at a beautiful naked woman," I told her, "but do you have that beer? Xxxsweetxxx mature sexy chat. I'm really hot from mowing and I really need something to drink.

" Emily sat up in the lounge chair.

"I'm sorry.


I was watching you in the pool.

Let me get it for you," she said.

She was already sitting up.

Now she spun her legs off of the lounge toward me. Defiantascoup malayalam gulf grilsex.

The movement placed her feet on the deck next to mine.

Her face was now inches away from my cock.

She looked at it for a few seconds and then she ever so slowly looked up at me.

Is there any man alive that doesn't just melt to jelly when he looks down and sees a lovely woman near his cock looking back up at him? Amazing body sex tube. That look is all so innocent and naughty at the same time.

It is a look of questioning, seeking permission to do what you know you want her to do.


I don't think my facial expression changed, but she looked me deep in the eyes and she knew the answer was a screaming affirmative. Sex show chat game online.

Emily slowly moved forward until her soft pink lips kissed the red-pink head of my hard cock.

I stared in total disbelief as her lips softly parted to allow the head of my dick to slide into her mouth.

It was like sliding my cock into her tight, wet pussy. Big boob fucked getting.

Her hands went out to the back of my thighs, and slowly slid up to cup the cheeks of my ass.

She gently pulled me forward a few inches as she swallowed more of my cock.


I could feel her tongue working its magic along the underside of my dick.

Emily's left hand came back around and she grabbed the base of my cock as she slowly slid it out of her mouth. Hot busty teens sexting.

Again, she repeated the whole process.

I watched again as the head of my cock pushed past her lips into her hot little mouth.

"Emily," I whispered, "I can't take much of this.

I've dreamed about this for years.

It feels so good I'm not going to last long.

" Emily looked up at me again, and slowly slid my cock out of her mouth.

"Then don't," she replied. Hot 13045 women fucking.

She went back to sucking my dick.


Her hand and mouth began working together, sliding back and forth.

She had my cock so wet and her hand and mouth were so tight.

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