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I realize they were laughing at my eagerness – or at least that’s what I’m going to choose to believe – but I hadn’t necessarily been joking.

Alli reluctantly left Marci and came to me, first giving my balls a tight squeeze and then seizing my cock and giving it a few quick tugs. Saudi arabia sex.

For her finale she pushed it down to where I was pointed at her feet, nearly lifting my heels off the floor in the process.

When she suddenly released it, my erect cock sprang back into the full upright and locked position, smacking against my belly as it did so and earning another laugh from them. Voyue sex videos.

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I objected.

Alright, alright; very funny! What can I say… the thought of you two engaging in a bit of wet, sticky, girl-play made me react like any other red-blooded American male would.

I ain’t gonna make any apologies for that! Alli grabbed my cock again, squeezing it firmly. Amazing fuck for big boobs milf neiro suzuka.

C’mon, red-blooded American male, let’s go take that shower we talked about.

The girl-play will wait until next time – at which time I suspect you’ll be just as eager, willing and able to do your part.

She began to lead me by my handy six-inch handle, guiding me toward the bathroom. 100 meet and fuck sites.

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Marci spoke up just before we got to our destination, asking, What do you want when Michael gets back? I’ll have him get your drinks ready.

I opted for a short bourbon on the rocks while Alli asked for a ginger ale-bourbon mix, also iced, assuming he’d found ginger ale; otherwise the same with Coke instead. Zoo porno chat cam.

Since we were already dressed appropriately, without further ado we hopped into the shower.

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