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Riley traced her thick moist lips with a finger then dragged it up between them, gathering the nectar collected there.

She lifted the glistening finger, offering it to Kristy’s red painted lips.

Kristy opened her mouth and eagerly sucked the fluid from her finger. Sex dating in bamberg south carolina.

Kristy’s eyes filled with lust as she rolled the sweet taste around on her lips and tongue.

Linda reached around Kristy and dipped her own finger between Riley’s puffy lips to collect a sample for herself.

All right, everybody’s had a taste.

Now it’s one of you two bitches turn to share, Riley announced, holding her finger up and wavering it back and forth between the two other women.

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Kristy looked shocked, but a daring grin crossed Linda’s face as she started unbuttoning her jeans.

She slipped between the seated Kristy and the bar so she was in front of me and between Riley and Kristy.

She leaned back against the bar and worked the tight jeans down just enough to expose her tiny purple and black lace panties. Sexy anime catwoman.

George leaned back on his stool trying to get a better look as Riley slipped her hand down into the lacy garment.

Linda’s eyelids fluttered and she moaned quietly as Riley's fingers moved within her panties.

Kristy’s hand went to her own crotch as she stared intently.

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Riley’s hand retreated from Linda’s panties and she stared lustfully into her eyes as she brought it to her lips and sucked two shiny fingers into her mouth.

George lost his balance and nearly fell to the floor.

Linda licked her lips as Riley sampled her flavor. Threesome bbw sex.

She then smiled down at Kristy with raised brows.

Kristy stared back at her and a little hesitantly reached for her panty covered mound.

She cupped Linda’s pussy and moved her hand back and forth a few times before pushing the crotch aside and stroking the moist lips directly. Aaasiandream pronsex giles online chat.


Linda’s eyes fluttered again.

She placed her hand at the back of Kristy’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss.

Their lips met and Kristy’s tongue darted into Linda’s warm mouth.

Linda’s free hand moved down to squeeze Kristy’s firm ass and Kristy’s hand moved faster within her panties. Black midget sex.

I felt the slap on my back before I heard the voice.

Hey Will, what’re you doin here? Sam’s voice rang out very near to my shoulder.

I turned my head and he was standing right beside me, his gaze flashing back and forth from Riley’s exposed dripping pussy to the two women feverishly making out right in front of me.

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Kristy jumped at the sound of Sam’s voice and pulled away from Linda, leaving her leaning against the bar with her panties pushed aside so her moist pink lips were on display.

Holy shit! Sam exclaimed, staring at Linda’s pussy.

Guess I found the party.

I turned in my seat, forcing Sam to take a step back. Bisexual nude guys.

Hey Sam, what’s up? Your band playing tonight? I asked, grasping for something to say.

No man, we played last night.

I just come in for a beer, but it looks like you got quite the party going here, he said, leaning from side to side in an attempt to see around me.

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Uh, yeah, just you know, hanging out with some friends.

I shrugged.

Ha, I need more friends like that, he laughed.

Somebody by the pool tables called Sam’s name, saving me from having to say any more.

I gotta go talk to this dude, but I’ll be back, Sam said, grabbing my hand and shaking it before hurrying toward the pool tables. Sex fb chating.

You know that guy? Linda sneered as she watched Sam walk away.

Yeah, he works for me, I shrugged.

Oh, he’s in here a lot, always trying to hit on every woman in the place.

I don’t think it’s ever worked though, she laughed.

Really? Riley asked, glancing over her shoulder.

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