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My vow to be your knight, your hero, your chevalier, your guardian and protector.

Your champion.

Completing the vow, completing the song.

Our song of all ages, the troubadour's celebration of we two, we two, my Lady and I, my love and I, my life, and I, the Knight of True Adoration, we are the completion. Gay webcam orgy.

Support Lush Stories To last throughout the ages, my Lady, our love, our completion, and my fulfillment of the oath.

My need to fight the battles to save you, to protect you, to be your champion.

Your strength is admirable, and you are a woman among women, you are, but I will be there, to protect you, to be your champion. Signinsex com.

Allow me, my Lady.

Allow me to be the one who walks alone, guarding your life, and our love, my Lady.

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Allow me.

Standing beside you, gazing out to the far shore, knowing I am your comfort.

I am here.


A name that, for three years, had sent my head and my heart on a rollercoaster. Mature women what sex winston salem.

The simple mention of her would evoke a flurry of emotions in me, of joy and of pain.

How could a girl of such sweet disposition have me cursing her existence, other than the fact that I had such strong feelings for her? We first met when I was sixteen and she was fifteen-and-a-half. Gay beach sex thong.

We didn’t go to the same school, but we had friends in common – it was at a birthday party for one of those friends that we were introduced to each other.

Somehow she spent most of the party hanging around with me, not because we were particularly attracted to each other but because we were fascinated with each other’s interests.

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We had just clicked as friends and, for a while, that was where we stood with each other.

Our friendship carried on its simple path until Eve turned sixteen herself.

At the end of her party, once everyone else had left, we were talking while sat on her bed when I asked her if she was actually interested in me. Hailey cummings bisex.

She didn’t say anything in response; instead, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

After making out for a bit, we decided that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and we should do more together.

Except that was not what actually happened.

While Eve put in effort to make the relationship, I was still giddy with the feeling of having a girlfriend to begin with.

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She made the running, and I was simply following her lead.

She wanted us to do things as a couple, and I was just happy to be with her.

I was happy with the title of ‘boyfriend’, but I wasn’t really doing a huge amount to justify it.

It was really no surprise that, three months later, we called the thing off. Fuckablepinky mature cam girls.

Or – more truthfully – she called it off and I meekly complied, not even bothering to offer to change my ways and save our relationship.

After six months of deliberately avoiding each other, we mended fences and resolved to continue as friends.

However, Eve had changed in that time. Lillianhotty tamil girls wep cam sex videos.

I had become more attracted to her than I did when we were actually together, although I kept quiet about this to her for fear of ruining our friendship.

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Meanwhile, she kept talking about the boys she spent time with, mostly just as friends but a couple of guys were mentioned at different times as boyfriends. Sex for married people.

Surprisingly I did not feel jealousy, but disappointment in myself that I could have been with Eve if I had been a better boyfriend: the feeling that I had wasted my chance.

I invited Eve to my eighteenth birthday, and she came with another guy.

Their behaviour that night intrigued me: they didn’t seem close enough to look like they were actually in a relationship, but they were close enough that I certainly wasn’t going to be able to win her over any time soon. Ange face fucked.

Not that it really mattered at the time as I had another girlfriend by that point, for whom I was making a proper effort – until she went and lost her virginity to another boy at my school the following weekend.

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By the time Eve’s eighteenth birthday had come around she was definitely single, and she invited me to dinner with only her closest friends. Sex arab online.

The week after we met up and she asked if I wanted to get back together with her; after mulling it over for five minutes I told her most emphatically yes, and we started making plans for the following weekend.

However, when I went to meet her after work that Saturday, she advised me that she had a change of heart and did not want to be my girlfriend and apologised for breaking my heart. Cam4sex online live.

I went back home and hid in my room, bawling my eyes out as though I had lost a parent; this time hurt far more than the first, possibly because I had wanted to be better at the relationship but was stopped anyway.

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Another period of self-imposed radio silence followed, during which time I started university studies.

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