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Robert smiled.

She held Robert’s hand and said, You are the one that I sleep with, you are the one who I am intimate with, you are the one who has my naked body, and most of all we love each other.

Her eyes were sparkling as she finished with, so it only makes sense that you and I should be husband and wife. Sexy webcam girls vk.

Robert kissed her and said, I love how that sounds, I love calling you my wife.

She replied as she kissed him, I love being called your wife and I love calling you my husband.

We finished our meal and went home; Robert and Carole shared the back seat of the car and were kissing like crazy.

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We arrived home and as we got out of the car she took my hand and said.

Would you go straight to bed? My husband wants’ me to strip naked outside and wait outside in the nude for fifteen minutes, we haven’t done that in ages.

Let’s make it thirty minutes sweetheart, I want you naked outside for thirty minutes tonight, Robert said, but I want you to stand naked by the car and not on the porch, I want to peek out of the window and see you naked. Sex friends mila kunis.

He knew that she loved doing things like this and said, Naked by the car for thirty minutes that should be time enough for someone to hopefully see you in the nude.


She smiled and said, Are you sure that is long enough baby, you know that I will stand outside in the nude for as long as you wish, I will stand outside naked all night if you told me to. Online webcam room.

Thirty minutes baby is fine baby, I need that naked body of yours in my arms, but you must lock your clothes in the car and go out in the morning in the nude to get them back when the mailman is due to arrive, Robert ordered.

I want him to see my naked wife, then I want you to put your clothes on outside in front of the mailman. Sexy women henderson.

he said.

Yes sir my husband, I will do what you tell me.


she replied.

Robert and I went inside while she started stripping outside and as I started going upstairs to my bedroom Robert said.

Thanks bud for everything and special thanks for accepting her as my wife now.

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