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It filled her to the brim and left her breathless.

This particular model had an additional feature, though.

a small silver bullet vibe conveniently placed where it would tease her clit when it was fully inserted! As Tammy plunged the tool into her pussy over and over, she felt the abundant amount of cum that was coating the shaft. Local green bay wisconsin girls that want to fuck.

Never before could she remember ever being so wet.

And she never knew it could get so thick.

Tammy pulled it from her drooling hole and looked at the pussy-creme covered tool.

The entire cock was covered with her thick cum, and the scent from her boiling pussy filled the room.

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Tammy had already cum numerous times when she looked over at him.

He was watching her and stroking his cock slowly.

His eyes bore into hers.

Somehow, having him watch her made everything more intense and much hotter.

Tammy was finding out that performing for him was such a turn-on. Free live nude sex chat.

She wanted to drive him as crazy as his watching her was doing to her.

She took the fake cock and as he watched her, she brought it up to her lips.

She was no stranger to the taste of her own cum.

She had gone down on her ex-boyfriends a number of times after they had fucked her.

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But this was so completely different.

She was being watched.

But he didn't seem like an old man, lustfully leering at some young girl from the bushes.

It was as if he was examining the way she was doing it for flaws or to learn how she liked it.

Tammy stuck her tongue out and gingerly touched the shaft. Wife sex webcam.

He watched her as she licked the tool from base to tip.

Her mouth was full of the thick juice.

She swallowed hard and was suddenly overwhelmed with a strange need to show Mark how well she could suck a cock.

Tammy moaned as she began to lick the pink jelly cock in earnest.

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For her it had suddenly turned into a real cock in her mind.

She licked it and worked the tip in her mouth.

Twisting and turning her head as she sucked it hard, licking up and down the shaft and twirling her tongue around the head of the plastic toy.

Then she shoved the cock as deep as she could into her throat. Cute hot hottie sexy wife.

She came hard, just as the fullness of the jelly cock in her throat made her gag.

Mark smiled approvingly at Tammy as she gagged, but still he said nothing.

She returned his smile then slipped the vibrator back into her pussy with a moan.

She worked it slowly, wanting it coated with her juices again.

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This time when she pulled it from her steaming pussy, she used the slickened tip to trace the dark circles around her nipples then she rubbed it over her hardened nubs.

Tammy repeated the process again and again until both tits were glistening in the light. Sex chat site for bangali.

She felt like a wanton slut.

She slowly fucked herself, moaning as she worked the vibrator deeper and deeper in her pussy.

She spread the lips of her pussy wide and pushed the cock deep enough into her to bring the bullet vibe in contact with her engorged and throbbing clit. Prettyx1 free trial sex chat in canada.

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When it felt like she could take no more and was about to cum, Tammy pulled out her toy and held it up for him to see.

Once again it was covered with her thick juices.

This time, Mark got up from the chair he was sitting on and walked towards the bed.

Tammy watched, breathless, as he came closer. Jennifer love hewitt hot sexy.

His big, hard cock slowly bobbing as it pulsed as he walked.

Tammy was waiting for him to climb on top of her and plunge his sweet cock in where her toy had just been.

Instead, he walked around to the foot of the bed and slowly crawled up to her.

Placing his hands on either side of her hips, he bent his head and covered her dripping pussy with his hot mouth.

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