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The younger woman had already turned the bottom on her lap a deep pink as the thrashing continued, unwavering, without question teaching the older woman there is a price to pay when she misbehaves, the price being a stinging burning bottom and tears running down her face as hopefully she learns that lesson. Silverserfik free sex web chat on android phone.

The younger woman’s bare arm rose holding the wooden paddle brush and dropped methodically, making sure not one spot of the quivering bottom on her lap was missed until that blazing burning red colour was reached and maybe she would start to think the older woman across her lap had learned her lesson.

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I watched the older, oh so attractive woman, as she bent across the younger woman’s lap, concern on her face as she knew the next several minutes will be uncomfortable, intentionally painful.

The first few spanks brought gasps.

After a few spanks the older woman tried to protect her bottom with her hand only for the younger woman to grasp it with a triumphant smile and pull it clear halfway up her back, leaving her bottom perched across the lap unprotected, a position I knew the older woman enjoyed , yearned for, even though she knew there was nothing she could do to protect her bottom from this colour changing experience.

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I watched as her bottom changed to a darker pink.

The bottom cheeks wobbled madly as the hairbrush bit in to her flesh.

Her breasts quivered as her body squirmed in the hopeless attempt to avoid the spanking hairbrush.

Tears rolled freely, the apologies started to flow, but the spanking never stopped, not until that blazing burning red colour was reached.

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