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To say I was confused would have been the understatement of the century, though I will admit as of late, I wasn’t as confused.

The two halves of my mind weren’t fighting for control so much anymore.

The feminine side had won, what was left of my male ego was going the way of the dodo bird… extinct; it just didn’t know it yet. Milf sexy handjob.

Which brings us back to this present moment, my mind was being bombarded by so many different scenario’s and emotions that they were too numerous to count, let alone make any true sense of but among the torrent chaos one stood out the most prevalent one was a sexual fantasy and though my male side fought it… the fact was, I was hornier than hell and admit it or not it wasn’t the touch of a woman I was horny for, it was, well, I wanted Doc, oh Saints forgive me I wanted him in the worst way.

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I wanted… no, I thought, I needed, every day that passed the need became stronger and stronger to the point that if I got too close to him and got a whiff of his male scent my pussy would get wet and the most erotic fantasies would leap into my head and would I craved to feel his huge shaft bury itself deep inside me, thoughts that were so foreign but the just the thought of this along with a fuzzy mental image was enough to send pussy juice running down my leg, My god I was so wet! Bd sex chat free. And try as I might… to take care of things myself I couldn’t get the damn thing to work!

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It should have come with an owner’s manual.

Just then Doc looked up as our eyes met a momentary look of surprise flashed in his, this however quickly faded and was replaced by a look I could not quite put my finger on… it was a confidently assured look mixed with a sparkle. Free phone sex for women in kyle of lochalsh.

It sent my stomach was doing summer salts and I wanted to turn and run from the room but I held my ground then screw up my courage and announced, I’ve decided that I’m not going to fight this anymore and that I’m rea,l bitch! My voice lowered to a whisper, especially to you I met his eyes, I’m sorry.

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Doc’s right brow lifted slightly as if he questioned what I was saying.

I repeated my last statement, I said I’m sorry.

I could no longer meet his eyes for what I was about to say, my voice dropping even quieter.

I… I… I was stumbling to try to find the words but couldn’t seem to get anything but half and incoherent sentences to come out. Free chat sex example.

After a few minutes of this Doc held up his hand to stop my rambling.

He said in his quiet reassuring tones, I think I understand what you’re trying to tell me.

He paused then said, Are you trying to tell me that you’re sexually frustrated?

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Or do you mean aroused – by me? Charloteyoung totally free fuck cams. I gave a little nod, Both, I said still whispering.

I know my face had have changed five shades of red in just those few seconds… I was so embarrassed! The way he had asked the questions had sounded so clinical that I was sure that he was going to give me a lecture about how the hormones were causing this and it was only natural but he couldn’t do anything because of some Doctor’s code of practice laws or patients Doctor thing. Hull sex store.

I wasn’t ready for what happened next, without another word he closed the distance between us placed his hands gently on my shoulders.

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Electricity tingled and lust infused fire heated my skin beneath his palms.

He leaned close and whispered, I guess we’re going to have to do something about this. Indian sex chat free online.

Then he smiled that irritatingly handsome smile of his, you know the mischievous one, the one that caused his eyes to twinkle with their seemingly own inner light, It was one of the things he did that made me feel – feminine As a man the things that attracted me to a woman were her tits, legs and ass but as a woman the things that I found attractive about Doc were not so much his physical appearance, though it did factor into the equation it was more emotional driven.

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Little things, things I would have never noticed as a man, Things like, the look in his eyes when he smiled or how attentive he was to my needs no matter how big of a bitch I was being or the way he looked at me when he thought I wasn’t looking back, I don’t have the words or true understanding to fully explain it. Sexy phat booty latina tube.

Suffice it to say, What a pain in the ass! Emotions were I was nervous or maybe it was fear I was feeling? Anticipation? Perhaps… No, I shook that thought away quickly, anticipation was definitely not what I was feeling, no matter what the emotion was with Doc so close to me, I thought There is no way I’m ready to go any further with this, his scent was intoxicating!

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When I did, I snapped my head up and looked into Doc’s face.

He smiled… it was almost predatory as his eyes scanned my own scantily clad body up and down several times, then he met my eyes squarely. Sexy blonde milf fucked.

You look nervous like you’re having second thoughts, he said.

I gave a little nod and then a bigger one indicating his midsection, Um, I stammered You didn’t tell me you were hiding an elephant trunk in your pants.

He glanced down and then back at me, he didn’t say anything but instead closed the distance between us.

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