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Troy unbuttoned his shirt and without his tongue leaving her pussy slid off his shirt.

Watching a naked black man with my wife made my head spin and my cock hard as can be. Lenny was now naked too and I glanced over to see him slowly stroking himself and I remember think that big cocks must run in their family. Webcam breasts. His looked to be about 9 or 10, almost equaling the 10+ that we saw in the pictures that Troy sent us.

Lana laid back on the bed, propping herself up on her elbows and beckoned Lenny over with her finger. He knelt on the bed with his cock pointing to her mouth and she took the head of his cock between her lips. Girl watch lesbi porno. Lenny gently put his hand behind her head and began fucking her willing mouth.

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Damn those sexy red lips around my cock are driving me crazy, he said.

I felt like I was in some erotic dream watching my wife with Troy and Lenny.

Lana looked so tiny with these two big guys and as much as I wanted to take my cock out and cum, I resisted the temptation and watched from across the room. Maritime lady private video webcam.

After several minutes Troy stood up and grabbed Lana’s ankles and lifted up her legs.

Lenny backed away and his cock plopped from Lana’s lips as Troy took hold of his cock and pointed it towards Lana’s wet pussy then slid it in about half way.

Oh yes baby fuck me! Olivia munn sexy nude. Lana cried loudly.

Troy started sliding it in and out slowly still only putting about half of those 10 into her, and Lana took Lenny in her hand, stroking him.

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Fuck me Troy," she said again.

I don’t want to hurt you baby, he whispered.

She looked him straight in the eye. Angelqueen1 s bio and free webcam. Fuck me hard. I need you deep in my pussy.

Troy slid it in until it disappeared.

Ohhhfuccccck, Lana moaned.

Does that feel good baby?" I asked.

Lana looked over at me and said, It feels awesome honey, closed her eyes as she bucked her groin into him with each thrust. Sex dating in saltsburg. She lifted her legs straight up for maximum penetration and held them there as Troy pounded away.

You got yourself quite the ‘ho, Jim, Lenny said to me.

I sure do, I agreed.

Troy leaned down and he and Lana kissed hard and long as they continued fucking. Indian webcam fingering.

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As soon as they broke off their kiss Lenny said he wanted some of that pussy. Troy pulled out his cock and Lana immediately spun around so Lenny could take over. He shoved his cock in hard and Lana squealed in delight as Lenny fucked he now sloppy pussy. Big black women sex. Lana squirts and her eyes roll back and the guys were getting a big kick out of that.

Watch her her cum, it’s so friggin hot, Lenny said to Troy.

Gawd damn, that is hot, Troy replied, Let me try.

Lenny backed off and Troy took over again and soon Lana was having her umpteenth orgasm. Ladies sex in long island california ca.

Lana was now flat on her back with Troy fucking her and Lenny in her mouth.

Troy let out a long slow groan and started cumming in her as Lana wrapped her legs around him and had another long hard orgasm.

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As he caught his breath he pulled out his still hard cock covered in cum and Lana’s juices and Lenny spun her around on her hands and knees and slid in behind her. Tarzan sexy jane.

Lana was now facing me and opened her eyes and looked at me.

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