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But I still love Travis and still plan to marry him.

" "Well, I feel the same about Collin," she admitted.

"I guess we're just bisexual now.

Are you okay with that?" "Yeah, it's fine.

I feel so free and happy.

" "Me, too.

I feel like I can have the best of both worlds.

" "What did you think of Maria?" I asked.

"I thought she looked sexy as hell in those skin tight jeans this morning.

" "Yeah, me too. Sexy dog girl sex.

I wanted to slide my hands over her round butt, but I was afraid she, and you, would be mad if I did.

" Shelly confessed.

"Shit, no, I wouldn't be mad," I told her, "in fact, I'd love to watch you with another girl.


It would turn me on so much.

" "Really?" she asked, kind of surprised.

"Yeah. Listen to sex chat.

I think I'd like to watch you with another girl, too.

It would be so exciting, and I love you too much to be jealous.

" "Well, it's warm enough in here now, I'm going to go for a shower.

Wanna join me?" I asked her devilishly with a big grin.

"Yeah, I'll join you. Sweet show webcam porno.

You can scrub my back just like you do in the school locker room.

Only this time we won't have the other girls around to bother us.

" We undressed there and walked naked into the bathroom.

I patted her playfully on her naked, tempting butt cheeks as I followed her.

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In the bathroom Shelly turned on the water to get it hot while I snooped in the medicine cabinet.

I found a tube of toothpaste, a disposable razor and a can of shaving cream in there, probably as part of the motel service for the hunters.

On another shelf was a firstaid kit with gauze, adhesive tape and scissors, "Hey, I've got an idea, let's shave!" I blurted out. Threesome sex porn.

Shelly looked up at me holding up the razor and scissors.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm serious! Let's both have naked pussies.

Wouldn't that be daring?" "Yeah, it sure would be.


We'd look like porn stars and you know how the girls at school like to talk," she mused.

"Well then, we'll give them something to talk about," I dared. Kiki4l webcam random broadcasting.

I sat and put the trash can between my feet to catch the falling hair.

Then I took the scissors and began to snip off the locks of curly hair from my pussy.

Shelly watched me intently as I drew some water in the sink and wet the now very short stubbles of cunt hair. Malinowskaya www com sex exs.

I squirted some shaving cream in my hand and spread the foam all over my pussy.

When I sat back down with razor in hand, Shelly kneeled between my legs.

"Here, let me do that.

" Shelly took the razor and shaved me all over my pussy.


I spread my legs and held them high in the air to make sure she didn't miss a spot. Porno iieaei aanieaoii aac nin.

I stood up and rinsed the foam off of my now totally naked pussy.

"My god, you look hot!" Shelly said with a husky voice.

She knelt in front of me to give my bare pussy a kiss.

I spread my legs as I felt a bold and daring tongue enter the deep recesses between my labia. Blowjob titfuck.

She worked her tongue in me expertly and lovingly until she brought me to a shuddering orgasm and drank my pussy juice.

"Your turn now," I suggested.

Shelly sat down and I trimmed and shaved her pussy to make it look like mine.


I wiped the excess foam away and looked at her gorgeous slit. Free sex chatting web america.

It was so beautiful I gave it a loving kiss.

I stuck my tongue in her pussy and licked her every nook and cranny of that delicious pussy until her legs clamped my head in a convulsive orgasm.

"Oh, you little vixen, you know just what to do to make me cum, Oh. Chat rooms online full sexy chatting with girls.


" She stood and slid her hand down her tummy to where the hair used to be, sliding her fingers over her now very bare pussy lips.

"Oh, how absolutely erotic," she observed.

"I'm keeping mine like this.

Are you?" I asked.

"Yes, I love it!

It feels so different.

" We jumped in the shower together and washed one another's backs, caressed each others ass cheeks and felt up each others smooth pussies. Vidio porno usa.

Satisfied that we were clean enough and horny enough, we got out of the shower, grabbed a towel to dry our hair and went giggling into the room.

where we stopped dead in our tracks.

Maria was making the bed and stood there with a knowing smile.

We stood there motionless, holding our towels on our heads, naked as the day we were born. Uzbeklar sexsi.

Recovering from the shock of finding Maria there, we wrapped our towels around ourselves.


Maria finished the bed with a broad smile.

"Maria! I.


we didn't hear you come in," I stammered, "It's okay, I've seen naked girls before.

Oh, don't be embarrassed, I love girls, too," she explained. Karntaka fuck boob hd.

Maria went to her buggy and produced a bottle of wine and three clear plastic drinking glasses, setting them on the table.

She opened the bottle and poured some wine into the three glasses.

She was wearing the skin tight jeans and tight fitting knit sweater which really showed off her curves. Onlinesexfree com.

Even in work clothes, Maria was stunning.

"Please, sit down and join me, won't you?" motioning to the table.

"I feel the need for some compatible company.

" She got some cheese and crackers and put them on the table also.

"Besides, it's lunch time," she noted.

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Recollecting what we said earlier about Maria, we sat down at the table and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.

The wine was a delicious red wine that went well with the cheese and crackers.

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