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I chuckled.

God, David, where did you learn to suck cock like that? Let’s just say yours wasn’t the first cock I’ve ever sucked and your wife wasn't the only one I was thinking about when I was jerking off in the bathroom.

David wasn’t the least bit feminine and it never once occurred to me that he might be bi. Samantha sex movie.

But then, I never thought of myself as the least bit bi either.

Yet here I was, laying naked next to the man who just gave me one of the best blow jobs of my life.

I’ve never been with a man before.

I said.

I kind of figured that.

It’s OK.


It doesn’t make you gay just because you let someone suck your cock.

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Just enjoy the experience for what it was.

As we laid there, I felt his movements and knew he was stroking his cock.

Can I ask you to do something else? Man, you just caught me screwing your old lady in your own house, I think it’s safe to say you can ask me for pretty much anything at this point. Gay boy live sex.

Thoughts of the two of them together fueled my courage.

Can I touch you.

Your cock.

It’s just that I’ve never touched another guy before.




I really think I'd like to suck your cock.

God, Paul, I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but I honestly can’t think of anything I’d like more right now.

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Rolling over on my side I slowly reached down to feel David’s cock.

He jumped a little as my hand came to encircle his shaft.

For the first time in my life I was touching another man's cock and it felt wonderful.

I couldn’t get over how different it was from my own cock. Online malayalam sex chat cam.

I reveled in the weighty feel of its thickness in my hand.

How it could feel powerful, hard and velvety soft all at the same time.

And the heat.

his cock felt so hot it was almost searing to the touch as I began to stroke him.

On a whim, I surprised us both by leaning down and sucking and nibbling on his nipple.

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I could feel his hands shaking a little as he placed them on the back of my head and pressed his nipple into my mouth.

Releasing his cock, I ran my fingers along his shaft and down over his balls.

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