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He started to raise the pace and pushed harder, faster and deeper.

I kept up with him and we were going at a frantic pace when I felt it again.

I fell on to him and ground my pussy down hard to stop him from moving.

My orgasm came hard.

I cried out, "Oh shit fuck yeah, yes, yes, yesss.

" I pushed him down so hard he could not pump his cock into me. Naked muslim women fucking.

I stayed down and again forced my tongue down his throat.

I released the pressure off his hips and he started to fuck me again.

I held his face and fought his tongue, while we both started to fuck at a fast pace.

Then, oh god how the hell did that happen, I cried out, "Fuckin' hell I'm cumming again.

" I had never had two orgasms that close together ever.

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I had to pull away from his face otherwise I was likely to bite his tongue off.

I closed my eyes tight, my teeth clenched.

I raised my hips and kept still, I could not help but cry out again, "Fuck me harder, come on harder you bastard.

" He pushed into me with his full length, hard and fast. Milf titty fuck compilation.

Fuck that felt great and I told him, "That's it just like that, fuck, yes, yes, yesss.

" He placed his hands onto my hips and grabbed my flesh, he pushed me down onto his cock, and I knew that was it.

His thrusts became slow and deliberate; he pushed deep into me and raised me up with him.

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I felt his cock blow a load deep into my cunt.

Oh god that felt so incredible, to have a cock that I felt in my cunt explode his cum deep into my tummy.

He blasted five, six loads while I cried out, "That's it cum in me blow it all, fuck yeah.

" Holy shit he was good, I was so tiered and felt well fucked.

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